Formula or KPI alerts drill into the detail of your business

In addition to the powerful current and predictive alerts FUTRLI offers, we also have formula-based alerts at your disposal. Do you want to know if Gross Profit this month has fallen below a threshold? Do you want to be alerted if wage% this week is above your budgeted amount?

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Formula or KPI alerts drill into the detail of your business

Our sole purpose at FUTRLI is to help you to get the answers you need about your business simply and effectively

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The KPIs that you need to monitor are more detailed than just looking at account or account category values. All of the KPIs that are pertinent to your industry are key drivers in understanding operational efficiency and profitability.

Getting an at a glance overview of the detail of your business, productivity metrics, industry specific metrics and custom KPIs can all be achieved with complete clarity using the alerts dashboard.

  • Has Wage% risen above the business threshold this week?
  • Has Average spend per head decreased below acceptable levels this month?
  • Are Debtor days hitting an unacceptable level this quarter?

But, we go one step further. If any alert is triggered we can send an email to you, or any other user who has access to that organisation. Monitoring your business 24/7, we do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to waste time on the admin!

“FUTRLI has a vast array of additional features that enable you to completely tailor the information you provide to clients and also enables them to monitor those metrics in real time with the ability to create alerts that allow a business owner to sleep at night.” - Paul Meades

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