We don’t just have to alert you

Any user that has access to the organisation that you’re monitoring can be alerted by email. You will also get in-app notifications in your notification centre

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We don’t just have to alert you

Knowledge is power so don’t keep it to yourself

FUTRLI has proven that collaboration is key to driving business success. Every time you add an organisation, your next step should be to add users to that organisation’s permissions. By doing so you can share Boards with them and let them access forecast/budget data, thus enabling a 360º view.

A crucial step to take, as soon as you have invited a user, is to review your alerts and see which users would benefit by getting the inside track on this information. Any triggered alert can be delivered straight to their email, ready for review when the business day starts.

Many of our clients are sharing these alerts with their advisors. Sometimes you need a strategist on side to help you see the picture clearly and action new business information that comes through.

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“FUTRLI has a vast array of additional features that enable you to completely tailor the information you provide to clients and also enables them to monitor those metrics in real time with the ability to create alerts that allow a business owner to sleep at night.” - Paul Meades

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