Travel hacks for adventurous entrepreneurs

Hopefully by this point each morning you start your day with Futrli on the go in one hand, and a coffee in the other. But what’s out there to keep track of all the other variables your day might present you?
We’ve put together a few of our highest-rating apps to keep the focus on growth, productivity and expansion, rather than jet-lag and being completely, and utterly, lost.
Tripit. Booked in? All you’ve got to do now is forward your booking confirmations to the Tripit team and they’ll create a master itinerary for you instantly. Travel plans will sync with your calendar, store your travel documents in one place, and, if you’d like it to, it’ll share your plans with your closest circle too. It focuses on keeping travel swift and simple. If, heaven forbid, your flight is cancelled, it’ll even locate alternate flights.
CitymapperAn old favourite of ours is Citymapper, and boy, has it kept up with the world. Take advantage of using a single app for all the different challenges of city life, be it foreign or domestic. These guys have reinvented the transport app, using real-time ‘A to B’ directions that people can actually use, with constantly updating routeing to veer you away from delays and road closures.
DeskcampingLeaving your desk for a trip? Rent it out and generate additional income. Need a desk for a last minute trip? Have a look at their daily, weekly and monthly offerings and find a desk away from home to suit you. As well as saving space from being wasted, Deskcamping also champion the coming together of like-minded people. Collaborations can be born in the least expected of places so with Deskcamping you’ll up your chances of meeting your next protege, muse or even mate.
UberAvailable 24/7 across an incredible 7 continents, simply sign up and select your ride and location. Then, your driver’s details will appear and you’re able to track where they are. With no need to make phone calls or schedule pick-ups, this is the taxi travel app for the modern day. When you reach your destination, spare a second to rate your driver and experience anonymously to help others have a great experience too.

Spotify. Whether you’re on a train, boat, plane or roller blades, we all need something to keep us in the zone, be it at work or play. Spotify is here to offer sonic support to each part of your day. Simply sign up and browse artists or playlists to create the soundtrack to your day. Discover weekly will keep things fresh (but may not be ideal for really knuckling down), and a premium account will eradicate distracting adverts and allow for useful offline listening for when you just need to turn everything off and crack on.

iTranslateIf your trip is taking you a little further afield but your language skills are doing their best to isolate you, give iTranslate a go. It will literally put 90 languages into your pocket so there is no need for a desperate attempt at asking where the bathroom is out of a well-thumbed phrasebook. Translate a single word to your chosen language and the app will load up the word and its verb conjugations to help you apply it to a conversation.


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