Hannah & Amy share why they founded FUTRLI

Leadership team

Frustrated by our own experience trying to run a business with historical information from risk-prone spreadsheets, FUTRLI was born in 2014. We passionately believe that if you pour your heart into a commercial or social enterprise, it should be as easy as possible for you to make informed decisions. Whether that’s to make it better, to make it grow, take control or to simply give you confidence in what’s coming. FUTRLI is designed to be your safety blanket and give you Tomorrow’s Insights, Today.

Hannah Dawson, Founder & CEO

Hannah is the mastermind behind FUTRLI’s clear and impactful design and intuitive simplicity. Hannah lives in the future, more than 12 months ahead of the rest of the team. She confidently drives the product strategy and development team. The idea for FUTRLI all started with a humble spreadsheet and Hannah’s previous experience and frustrations in running and managing all aspects of a business. Hannah wanted to create a dynamic view of cashflow forecasting, scenario planning, monitoring and measuring KPIs, from a business owner’s perspective. Hannah still manages FUTRLI for FUTRLI. The business has experienced rapid growth, and this has all been modelled using their software, with various scenarios visualised and then automatically transformed into live business plans. As you’d expect, investors, shareholders and the management team all have access to the figures they need and can view the data exactly as they want it.

In her limited spare time, Hannah loves spending time with her beautiful family. She has 3 children, 2 dogs, a lovely husband and one large wine fridge.

Amy-FUTRLI-CoFounderAmy Harris, Founder & CMO

Amy co-founded FUTRLI with Hannah. This is the duo’s second business venture together and they’ve also been best buddies for over a decade. Amy drives the vision and strategy to grow FUTRLI user base globally, something she has done for various SaaS businesses since 2008. In FUTRLI’ first year, Amy travelled nearly 400,000 miles setting up offices in Sydney and London. Amy spends hours on-site in businesses, consultancies, banks and accountancy firms of all sizes, in various continents, to listen, observe and contribute to the development of the industry, and their platform. In accountancy practices worldwide, the concept of ‘advisory’ isn’t new. However, FUTRLI’ cloud platform to deliver advisory services is still in its infancy in comparison. Amy is a story-teller and she brings to life what this means for the industry but sharing the successes of others in the community. The team are pioneering a new way of working and Amy is focused on educating the industry about how to make the transition from looking backwards and history lessons, to how they can look ahead, planning and predicting the future with ease.

Amy enjoys hanging out with her husband, family and friends making the most of city life or exploring the great outdoors. She work’s out all week so she can cook and eat all weekend.

Helen Cockle-FUTRLI-Managing Director UK & USHelen Cockle, Chief Revenue Officer

After 12 years working with accountants in the recruitment profession, Helen joined the team in early 2015 with relationships in every corner of the country. Helen’s energy is infectious and she is immune to feeling tired, it’s a concept that baffles her. Alongside her successful career she also set up and managed a retail business, which she sold in 2014. Helen knows the accountancy industry inside out but she also understands what a business owner really wants from their Accountant and financial advice.

In her spare time Helen lives by the seaside in Hove with her rugby playing husband and two children. In her own words, she eats too much, drinks too much, but exercises hard to stave off the ill effects.

Ps. These quick snaps should make it pretty easy to guess which two work in the same office

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