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Consolidate multiple entities

FUTRLI supports powerful insights for companies with more than one business.

Top-level true consolidation reports and forecasts for the parent group, with drill down into entity reports and forecasts for each child Organisation. Further permissions can also give limited data to team members as you see fit.

Get creative with benchmarking clients or franchises. It’s enterprise software at a fraction of the cost.

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White label your insights

True white labelling allows a firm to present their insights as if the software is part of their brand. Something we support fully.

Whether you have a business that needs a coherent brand view for your team, or an advisory firm that wants to present insights they deliver as an extensions of themselves, this is now possible.

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Powerful transformative permissions

The CEO or a group wants to see different data from a manager on the floor.

Powerful permissions let you turn off datasets within the chart of accounts, so that you can enable your team with insights about the numbers that they directly effect.

This is one of our most powerful features when driving positive change within a company.

Departmental analysis & forecasting

Drill into the detail of departments, projects, regions, cost codes, classes or tracking options.

The insights that are uncovered in subsets of your data can form powerful forecasts that can shape different directions for your business.

First class training, support & advice

Don’t go it alone.

You want to run your business – so if you don’t have the time to get set up, plan for your future or undercover every little insight to be had, let us do this for you.

We have qualified CIMA accountants as part of our team who have helped businesses like yours get ahead of the competition, whether you are an entrepreneur or advisory practice.