Look out for team Futrli at Accounting Business Expo 2018

Come and see us at stand D20 at Accounting Business Expo, Sydney, where the team will be ready to chat and answer any questions.

We’re launching our Futrli Advisory Theatre, featuring some of the brightest minds in accounting, ready to discuss the biggest issues and exciting changes in the industry, too.

Day 1

The big debate: Is advisory the future or hype?

We’re asking the big question: is advisory the future of the profession or is it just hype? We will be discussing what firms need to do to deliver quality advice that a client is happy to pay for.
In this session, understand the different levels of advisory and which one fits you best, find out what SMEs really want from a business advisor and hear how compliance firms are making money from advisory today.

How to nail tax planning by month nine (and forecast the rest)

Every accountant worth their salt is doing tax planning. Usually, it all happens from April through June – but what if you could get it all done by March? Discover a different approach where you do a mini-tax return before end of year and forecast the next three months using three scenarios.
Save a bundle of time with one tax planning template for all clients, learn the difference between tough-sell forecasts and demonstrated value in tax planning, and discover how to get clients excited about the data at their fingertips.

How to turn a $3k client into $12k

This session will reveal how to convert regular clients into higher payers, and how to repeat this process successfully across your customer base. Our special guest, from a New South Wales firm, segmented and scored their clients against six factors to find ideal advisory clients.
It’s a reveal-all in this fireside, and discuss why advisory needs to be bespoke – and how to do it profitably. Learn some practical tips for making more money from advisory, how to price your advisory services for clients of different sizes and needs, use success/failure notifications to automate sales opportunities, and more!

What does future talent look like in advisory and how to hire for it?

Advisors need to be hybrids. Strong functional skills such as financial modelling and forecasting, and partnership skills such as empathy, storytelling and listening are all required. Firms need talent that will be timely, accurate and have a high quality of work.
Find out if you are delivering advisory or selling advisory and delivering compliance, learn what makes a firm attractive to commercially trained accountants, and discover how to focus your staff on client performance instead of compliance.

What happens when a national firm gives insight dashboards to its clients?

In this panel, find out how a 29-office national firm convinced clients to invest in accurate and complete data at all times. Showing clients their business on a dashboard with the right metrics will help them see accounting in a different light.
Discover how dashboard advisory has had a fundamental impact on client relationships, how to fast-track younger accountants to advisory, and why advisory clients encourage their own frontline staff to increase data accuracy.

Look out for a sneak preview of the future of Futrli from our CEO and Founder, Hannah Dawson, at the end of day one. On day two, look out for our firesides and panel sessions which will give you the best ways to master advisory, rollout internally, and scale successfully.

Day 2

Why the advisory pricing model is broken (and how you fix it)

Too many accountants have fallen into the trap of pricing themselves like a software company. If you are advertising your services in three packages you’re inevitably working for free or overcharging the client. Neither is good for your long-term financial health. Hear real stories of how firms are successfully pricing their fixed-fee services.
Hear how to price bespoke advisory so that you get a good margin and the client stays happy, why so many SMEs prefer to do their own forecasts and how you can help them, and learn how to remove clients’ fear of calling their accountant for advice.

How to create an amazing culture that accelerates advisory

Imagine if you took the standard practice KPIs such as productive hours and replaced them with innovative hours. This session explores how a firm changed advisory from 40% of revenue to nearly 70% in less than three years.
This panel discusses why it’s worth dumping the six-month performance review for ongoing conversations, how to motivate your team by sharing 50% of any gross profit above your target, and you’ll hear a CEO and accountant share how to invest in advisory and make it part of the everyday.

How I won a $100k p.a. client in one meeting

Hear first hand how, with a little preparation and the power of good reporting, this Gold Coast accountant picked up a $100,000 a year client – in one meeting.
Discover how quickly you can get a feel for a business using a reporting dashboard, find out how to quickly identify the biggest issues in a client’s business, and learn how to tell a story using cashflow to educate clients about alternative scenarios.

How I took my ASX client global with killer dashboards

A fast-growing recruitment service used by Qantas, Westpac and Bupa knew its platform had global potential. The company is a pin-up for a Sydney business forecasting and executing its global expansion. Hear the behind-the-scenes story from the accountant who took a young public company global and set up regular reporting to investors and board.
Find out why Google Docs and Excel are too slow for reporting in a modern, global business, hear how this client tracked four-weekly budget cycles alongside quarterly reports, and discover how to pull together the reporting dashboards for a public company.

How to launch a cloud advisory start-up in an established accounting firm

It’s not just the Big Four – mid-size firms are launching cloud divisions to offer innovative advisory services to new and existing clients. Hear the principal of an advisory startup share his experiences experimenting with pricing, services and culture, and the two-way referrals with the firm’s existing practice.
Hear how to put together a business case for a cloud advisory division, discover how the startup created advisory services that complemented those of the original firm, and find out why the startup rejected the term ‘vCFO’ for a unique service name.