Team Futrli return to Accountex for 2018

Come and see us at stand 1141 at Accountex, at London’s ExCeL, where the team will be ready to chat and answer any questions.
We’re back for the second year with our Futrli Advisory Theatre, featuring some of the brightest minds in accounting, ready to discuss the biggest issues and exciting changes in the industry, too. Here’s the programme:

Agenda – Day 1

The big debate: Is advisory the future or hype?

Is advisory the future of the profession or is it just hype? What do you have to do to deliver quality advice that a client is happy to pay for? This panel will answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.
Featuring: Andrew Perrett (taylorcocks), Peter Stamps (FD Business Ltd), Deborah Whitaker (Not Just Numbers Ltd), Mark Tickel (Hilton Sharp & Clarke)

How to become a modern day advisor and sell your service to clients

Now advisory is taking over focus in firms, it’s key to be aware of what is expected of you and how to achieve success. Selling advisory is a skill and all about positioning it as a cure to pain points. Learn the best ways to transform your practice and entice clients, from a well respected advisor.
Presented by Andrew Perrett (taylorcocks)

How forecasting and scenario planning drive your clients’ successes

Projecting financial information forward and using scenario modelling to work out the best, worst and middle case scenarios for your clients’ business decisions will put them in a great stead to move forward. Learn how to use these tools to their optimum, adding in non-financial data, to help clients dodge obstacles and navigate their businesses to success.
Presented by Deborah Whitaker (Not Just Numbers)

Why I got started with Futrli and how I’m rolling it out

Learn from an experienced advisor why they chose Futrli as an essential advisory tool and about the best ways to roll out its features and advisory services to your client base.
Presented by Peter Stamps (FD Business)

The essential skills for growing a business advisory accounting firm

The wrong fixed mindset holds you back. Paul Shrimpling shares his secrets about what important changes you need to make, how you need to think and why KPIs (Key predictive indicators) are essential.
Presented by Paul Shrimpling (Remarkable Practice)

How we use forecasting, business planning and strategic coaching to help clients grow, fast

Working proactively using Futrli and other leading tools, SRK Accounting takes clients through a structured business planning and strategic coaching process to reach high levels of growth. Hear how Simon and his colleagues use forecasting, dashboards and KPI setting to advise clients and help them achieve their ambitious goals.
Presented by Simon Kallu (SRK Accounting)

Futrli’s roadmap – a sneak preview of the next 12 months

Your advisory clients want more data, more metrics, across more of their business. Your partners want to increase revenue by expanding the number of clients buying advisory services. Find out where the market-leading reporting and forecasting application is heading next and the opportunities this will create for your firm.
Presented by Hannah Dawson (Futrli)

Agenda – Day 2

Debate: Which technology solutions are making the biggest impact on the industry?

Hear how to navigate the app and add-on ecosystem from our panel of tech experts and advisors. Learn the most groundbreaking advancements in accounting software, and how platforms compare to one another. Dive into this debate and discover new issues, pitfalls to avoid and the latest must-haves.
Featuring Matt Flanagan (BlueHub), Max Marcus (Hubdoc), Simon Armstrong (Menzies LLP), Hannah Dawson (Futrli)

Create month-end accounts your clients will want and need

When your clients are on cloud accounting platforms, live data means you can pull in real-time data within minutes. Using a cookie-cutter approach, once you have made your health check template you can repeat the process infinitely. Find out more about month-end reports in this session with the Futrli team.
Presented by Phil Hobden (Futrli)

How the role of accountants is changing – your real role and how you get there

With advisory services taking centre stage, it’s important to keep ahead of the curve. Find out what you need to change, how you need to think and how you can become a trusted advisor.
Presented by Martin Bissett (The Upward Spiral Partnership)

How CPD-accredited Advisory Certification helps you to accelerate advisory

The race to become a trusted advisor for businesses is on. Upskill your team to keep pace with the rest of the industry, with the industry-leading, CPD-accredited Futrli Advisory Certification. It’ll teach you everything you need to know, from mastering forecasting to internal roll out and external scaling, hear the best course of action.
Presented by Helen Cockle (Futrli)

How MTD ready are you?

Making Tax Digital is one of the biggest buzz topics of the year, are you ready? Do you understand the technology that’s needed and how to structure your approach? Get MTD-ready by listening to an expert in this field.
Presented by Matt Flanagan (BlueHub)

10 Futrli forecasting & reporting tips and tricks you might be missing

Futrli’s Phil Hobden shows you how to master the platform and takes you through the lesser-known features of the tool. From forecasting to reporting, this session will help you become a more proactive advisor so you can better serve your clients and become invaluable to them.
Presented by Phil Hobden (Futrli)