Beautiful printable management reports

Flexible pre-built templates get you started quickly.

Our PDF management report builder makes it easy to export print-outs of your dashboards. Get a snapshot of your progress by building your own report or choose from a range of pre-built templates.

25 page layouts

Enjoy flexible PDF creation with 25 different page layouts to choose from.

Financials, non-financials & KPIs

Report on the financial and non-financial information which matters to the business, and create custom KPIs and formulas.

Add commentary

Explain reports and add annotations to individual charts and tables, making collaboration a breeze.

Complete customisation

Configure reports to the needs of the business, with chart and table customisation, and flexible reporting options.

Save time with pre-built templates for a range of industries

Time can be a big restraint in business, and sometimes you just need to get your report built. They’ll help you to start thinking about how to use Futrli better, and you can customise them when you’re feeling confident.

Give out a snapshot takeaway

Populate a suitable template and hit print for a visual representation of your business. Perfect for accountants meeting clients and business owners meeting their boards, handing out a one-page takeaway is a progress reminder.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Whether you are a small business who wants to solve the pain of running the numbers, or an accounting firm who wants to delight their clients with real help, we have a plan for you.

Single business

  • Our PAYG plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forecasts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Online support
$ 49.99 /Per month per org
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CFO or bookkeeper

  • Our Bronze plan
  • Up to 20 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 1
  • Online support
$ 299 /Per month
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Small advisory

  • Our Silver plan
  • Up to 75 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 3
  • Online support
$ 525 /Per month
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Mid-size advisory

  • Our Gold plan
  • Up to 200 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 5
  • Online support
$ 750 /Per month
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