Alerts dashboards make it clear for you

Not only are your alerts segmented by type: current and future, but you also get a fantastic overview of all of the key metrics that matter the most to you, and their state. Check into your alerts dashboard every day before you check your Boards for the detail behind them.

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Alerts dashboards make it clear for you

Nowhere else can you get an overview of the health of your business(es) in one place, like our alerts dashboard

While your accounting package may alert you to administrative tasks such as when VAT/GST payment dates that are due or other compliance related tasks, we go a huge step further.

Now you have an instant health-check for the performance of your business(es). Are they looking strong or in need of assistance? If you are an accounting partner read more here.

There is a clear overview section that segments the future and current alerts that you have set up, so at a glance you can see if any areas of the business needs your attention based upon your most recent data.

Forecast:current alerts summary

We will always present areas that are In Need of Attention first. We advise that you set up a complimentary Board with all of your alerts presented in Card format, so that you can delve deeper into the story if something is triggered.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.07.39

All Warning Alerts are presented next for your perusal – so get your team involved and create an action plan to move these away from the danger zone.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.09.20

Finally, our Good News Alerts! It’s not all about the bad news. Celebrate success with your team and get a positive thumbs up for the alerts that are within your safe thresholds. Any alert that is within the realms of safety will appear here delivering the best in peace of mind.

Good News Alert

“So much easier to use than the others. Combine that with some well-thought out email alerts and you are dealing in real time, right alongside your client.” - Andrew MacDonell

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