Alerts for accountancy practices or franchises = client dashboards/company dashboards

You may have more than one organisation, synced to your FUTRLI account. Use the alerts dashboard to get a clear picture of the health of every one of your businesses at a glance.

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Alerts for accountancy practices or franchises = client dashboards/company dashboards

The real-time alerts dashboard changes the game for accountancy practices and franchises

For accountants:

While your accounting package may alert you to administrative tasks such as when VAT/GST payment dates that are due, we go a huge step further.

We make it easy to analyse and monitor your clients’ businesses on one real-time alerts dashboard. Helping you to offer business advisory services with ease, by giving you the tools to create conversations with your clients around their numbers.

Totally customisable, you set the alerts up as you need them, when you want. Create a standard set that you monitor for every client, or get into the nitty gritty of their businesses by setting up more custom alerts.

Since forecasting is also a service that’s easier to roll out across your client base, you can also get pro-active and set up predictive alerts that check your clients’ future predicted activity.

For franchisees:

Across your franchise network you will have some strong performers and others that need more assistance. What you don’t want, is to find out about the latter when it’s too late.

Use the alerts dashboard as your Company portal and track each franchise side by side. Every alert that you set up and assign to the franchisee will also appear in their portal to enable a clear dialogue between you both.

Monitoring becomes effortless, freeing up more time for tackling the source issues or maximising on the successes, rather than hours of admin, trying to uncover the truth behind what is happening in each business.

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“FUTRLI has a vast array of additional features that enable you to completely tailor the information you provide to clients and also enables them to monitor those metrics in real time with the ability to create alerts that allow a business owner to sleep at night.” - Paul Meades

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