Bring information to your immediate attention

As a business leader, you are consumed with more action items then you have time to address. In addition, you have more data at your disposal, and it’s growing exponentially. Rather than having to seek out information or constantly monitor your data, let us monitor your business, even while you sleep.

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Bring information to your immediate attention

Manage your business on autopilot

Whilst we would of course recommend that you login to FUTRLI every day to track your progress, if you haven’t got time we will give you peace of mind. Alerts are 1. delivered to the dashboard, 2. via in-app notifications and 3. via email if you want them to be.

They are such an expansive tool, and alerts will give you the flexibility and freedom to monitor good news or bad news for:

  • Any account,
  • Any account category
  • Any KPI
  • Cumulative value alerts
  • Transactional value alerts
  • Multiple date ranges…

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can also predict the future. Our engine is fully integrated, and all scenario data is at hand if you want to set up a future alert. Does accounts payable ever reach a worrying level in the next quarter? Will our bank balance ever dip into its overdraft? Will sales exceed the target? We’ll let you know.

Finally, we let you set thresholds. You may want to receive a warning if your KPIs are within a certain % amount of the main alert. You can get peace of mind that we will monitor this too and alert anyone you assign, who has access to your organisation.

Manage your present and control your future!

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“So much easier to use than the others. Combine that with some well-thought out email alerts and you are dealing in real time, right alongside your client.” - Andrew MacDonell

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