Changing the game with predictive alerts

Alerts are not just for actual, updating data. FUTRLI changes the game, by alerting you to changes that might happen in the future with our predictive alerts. Will you hit your overdraft in the next quarter? Is Accounts payable rising to worrying levels next month? Let us give you the peace of mind.

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Changing the game with predictive alerts

We would all like to know if we are going to hit any sticky cash flow moments in the future, or if our sales are going to hit a new high...

If you have our predictive alerts working in the background for you, this is now taken care of.

Planning your future with scenarios is at the heart of FUTRLI and the rich data that is created there, holds the key to your success. As actual data automatically flows through to scenarios, your predictions can change and impact on opening balances for the new month or the transactions that are referenced in formulas you may have built.

To ensure that these details don’t go unnoticed, our Future Alerts will check when any account or account category changes in your scenario.

You can also set alerts for the KPIs that are important to your business, so if it looks like Gross Profit% is going to drop below a certain amount within the next year, we’ll let you know. Your entire chart of accounts is at your disposal, so create the alerts you need to help you sleep at night.

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“So much easier to use than the others. Combine that with some well-thought out email alerts and you are dealing in real time, right alongside your client.” - Andrew MacDonell

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