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Overspending or beating a target?

Know when it happens with KPI alerts.

What's important to you and your business? Need to monitor gross profit? Salary as a % of sales? Fixed asset purchases? View it in dashboards, forecasts and send it in-app and by email.

KPIs are key to you and can be created anywhere in Futrli Advisor

Formula KPIs are used everywhere in Futrli Advisor: Dashboards, Forecasts, Budgets, Printed reports and in their own Alerts area where you can configure email notifications.

KPIs: the key information that matters to you

  • Financial KPIs

    Use the formula builder for out of the box financial metrics like gross profit % or create your own. In your business there is Key data that's important to you and your industry. Set them up, save them to your formula library and use them everywhere in Futrli Advisor.

  • Non-financial KPIs

    Import any non-financial data in your company settings and create formulas with your financials. Total headcount, customer numbers, average contract value...

Scan daily, weekly, monthly - you decide

  • Get alerted

    Monitor what matters with customisable alerts against KPIs from the library or those you have created and set them to get checked daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Targets and thresholds

    Get notified when a KPI hit's a limit that you've set. Celebrate the good or course correct the bad.

Who needs to know?

  • Get your team involved

    Automatic in-app messages and email inbox notifications. Use for all key business personnel.

  • Total flexibility

    Create Formula and KPI alerts to stay abreast of changes in key metrics, such as Gross Profit or Wages to Sales.

Xero tracking and QuickBooks classes

  • All reports can be tracking filtered

    Create dashboards by filtering custom or template cards by tracking option. Do locations need their own dashboard for actual and target performance?

    Tracking cards benchmark

    Compare and contrast tracking options by choosing a tracking card from the card menu. Benchmarking project success or sales team performance.




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