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Unbeatable Budgeting

Budget more effectively and keep your business and departments on track.

Budgeting in Futrli Advisor is simple, fast and does more than budgeting in Xero, QuickBooks Online, MYOB or spreadsheets.

Everyone hates budgeting, but they find those marginal gains

Stay on track with quick, yet comprehensive budgets that you can compare to actuals with no effort.

Creating your budget

  • Import budgets & forecasts

    Upload existing P&L budgets from Xero, QBO, MYOB, any budgeting tool or spreadsheet. You don't need to start from scratch.

  • Create budgets from your own trends

    You can use historic business data to quickly produce budgets that take into account seasonality to allow exploration into the impact of revenue or cost, growth and contraction. 

Adjusting your budget

  • Duplicate budgets and explore what-ifs

    Copy existing budgets and easily make adjustments if assumptions change. Visualise the impact of different budgeting decisions to determine the best option for the business.

  • Line-by-line assumptions

    Make budgets as complex as the business’ needs with unlimited, line-by-line assumptions. Drill into the detail and see how each forecast item affects cash flow

Track your budget

  • Compare performance vs budget

    Track performance vs budget with live, daily updating actual data sourced from Xero or QBO, or uploaded from any accountancy package.

  • Monitor budget excess

    Set alerts against budgets that have been created to notify key personnel if a metric or account has gone over budget, is within a percentage of doing so or will exceed at current trend.

Need more detail?

  • Departmental and Tracked Budgets

    Use Xero tracking data or QBO classes or locations to create budgets for departments and tracked financial entities.

  • Formula Forecasting

    Base profit or cost assumptions on the value of other lines within the account. Reference non-financials, such as item price or projected customer figures for increased flexibility.




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