Want a live prediction of what your business looks like next month...year? Check out Futrli Predict

3-way cash flow forecasting integrated with reports and dashboards

Create detailed cash flow forecasts in seconds from last year's data.

Create your own cash flow forecasts quickly (and accurately), with advanced 3-way cash flow forecasting, automated tax calculations, custom payment terms & more.

It's time to say goodbye to Excel forecasting

Create detailed cash flow forecasts in seconds based upon historical business trends over any custom period. Build projections from scratch or import existing budgets and turn them into beautiful, 3-way cash flow forecasts. Accurate and fast modelling with automated formulas, accruals sales tax, creditor, debtor and cash calculations, custom payment terms, and split payments.

Experience greater business control with daily, weekly or monthly monitoring of cash flow.

Automated Calculations

  • 3-way calculations

    Accounting calculations automate forecast postings to the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow


    Create formulas for key drivers and dependencies. Build your own, or use our out of the box formulas

  • Sales tax

    Automate sales tax outgoings with flexible accruals VAT and GST profiles. No more spreadsheet wrangling.

Payments nailed

  • Flexible Payment Terms

    Accurately forecast when cash is received or spent, with split payments, accruals, prepayments and custom credit terms.

  • Detailed payments and receipts

    View a full breakdown of cash inflows and outgoings by account category, group, line and by forecast item.

How do you want to view it?

  • Layer with linked scenarios

    Create a base forecast, duplicate it and layer different assumptions on top. Test multiple scenarios with this powerful feature.


    All dashboard reports can look to the future or compare progress with actuals or another budget or forecast.

  • Printed reports

    Management accounting and strategic planning is now simple as forecast data is available for selection as easily as accounting data.

Csh flow forecasting overrides in Futrli Advisor. Loan amortization and manual journals

Don't sweat the hard stuff

  • Amortization covered

    Forecast the cash flow impact of taking on a loan and accurately model future loan repayments.

  • Overcome non-cash movements

    There's additional flexibility with journal overrides to specify the bank account that will receive or make any payment.




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