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Business planning for start-ups and growth businesses

Looking for investment? Raising another round of finance?

You're going to need a plan to present. Futrli Advisor has export bank-ready business plans that you can re-use for board packs - simple!

Plan, fund, and grow your business.

Easily write a business plan, secure funding, and get insights to help you reach your goals.
Businesses who plan, grow faster. It's a fact.

Build accurate financial reports

  • No more crappy spreadsheets

    Futrli Advisor has 3-way forecasting built in (forecast Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow). You can even create detailed forecasts in seconds from last year's data

    KPI Formulas to bring your business to life

    Create formulas for key drivers and dependencies. Build your own, or use our out of the box formulas for your financial and non-financial data

  • Sales tax taken care of

    Automatic sales tax calculations with flexible accruals VAT and GST profiles. No more spreadsheet wrangling.

Xero tracking and QuickBooks classes

  • All reports can be tracking filtered

    Create more detailed reports by filtering custom or template widgets by tracking option. Do locations need their own reports for actual and target performance?

    Tracking cards benchmark

    Compare and contrast tracking options by choosing a tracking report from the report menu. Benchmark project success or sales team performance.

Wow lenders with accurate cash flow projections

  • Cash flow is calculated automatically

    Futrli Advisor accurately forecasts when cash is received or spent, with split payments, accruals, prepayments and custom credit terms.

  • The balance sheet is also covered - of course

    Loans, assets, stock you'll need to purchase and of course tax is all taken care of too.

Beautiful report templates

  • Cover pages and annotation

    Images, descriptions, annotations and commentary are all here with rich text editor and so many page template options.

  • Past, present and future

    With automated data refreshing from Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB your historical data is just there, ready for you to illustrate what's happened in the past, and with integrated forecasts you can flip any report into a future view, just copy paste, adjust the data flow and boom!

How do you want to view it?

  • Export it to PDF

    You've got to be able to get your beautiful reeport into your investors hands - one click and off you go.

    Share a live report

    Strategic planning with your team or board is now simple as sharing the report you've built. They can collaborate with you until your plan is perfect.




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