Want a live prediction of what your business looks like next month...year? Check out Futrli Predict

Upgrade your reporting with professional PDF reporting

Build from scratch, templates or convert existing dashboards.

Create your own cash flow forecasts quickly (and accurately), with advanced 3-way cash flow forecasting, automated tax calculations, custom payment terms & more.

When a printed report is needed Advisor's are fast and beautiful

Produce beautiful PDF reports from existing dashboards, pre built templates or  create from scratch. Customise display with flexible page layouts, charts, table and data options. Add company logos, executive summaries, commentary and annotate on the charts and tables.

Create quickly

  • Pre-built templates, pages and reports

    Build beautiful reports quickly using pre-built templates, pages and reports.

    Complete customisation as you'd expect

    Configure reports to the needs of the business, with chart and table customisation, and the same flexible reporting options you have in dashboards.

    Import from Dashboards

    Convert dashboards which have already been created into editable PDF reports. 

Xero tracking and QuickBooks classes

  • All reports can be tracking filtered

    Create reports by filtering custom or template widgets by tracking option. Do locations need their own dashboard for actual and target performance?

    Tracking cards benchmark

    Compare and contrast tracking options by choosing a tracking card from the card menu. Benchmarking project success or sales team performance.

Speed up delivery

  • Month-end is now simple and quick

    No preparing from scratch every month or quarter. Set up your management reporting pack once and that's it done.

  • Drill into your detail

    Report on the financial and non-financial information which matters to the business, and create custom KPIs and Formulas

Wow lenders with built in cash flow projections

  • Cash flow is calculated automatically

    Futrli Advisor accurately forecasts when cash is received or spent, with split payments, accruals, prepayments and custom credit terms.

  • The balance sheet is also covered - of course

    Loans, assets, stock you'll need to purchase and of course tax is all taken care of too.




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