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Every prediction is there for a reason, but some of those reasons you might not be sure about.

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Futrli Predict is analysing every transaction in your business in order to create the most likely outcome for every one of your future transactions and payments.
Understand the rationale behind every prediction with Predict's trusty assistant!

The assistant explains the 2 sides of your money coin

  • Activity for every P&L account

    The first predictions are for activity: what you're buying or selling, when, for how much. This is always net of sales tax, just like your Profit & Loss report. You use the activity view to check your sales and spend trends.

  • Cash for every P&L account

    Selling something doesn't mean you've got paid for it yet. The cash view tells you when the activity will be paid. This is what hits your bank account and balance sheet. Predict is analysing every customer's average payment days and every payment you've made to create a live average payment days for every account. Great as an early warning system.

Activity: 3 types

Predict's calculating and predicting your trends and profit as well as your cash. That's why it blows cash flow forecasting software out of the water.

  • Invoice activity

    Patterns in your invoices including seasonality are important. Is the average amount increasing? Is the frequency up or down? Have you got new customers? Predict's scanning and creating predictions from this.

  • Cash activity

    Maybe your business has same-day sales or spend, like retail and hospitality businesses do. Predict's scanning for these and predicting them too.

  • Journal activity

    Some activity is from journals - think salaries and fun accounting calculations like that. Guess what? Predict is scanning, predicting and posting these journals too.

Cash: who's paying when?

  • Customer payments

    Every customer's average payment days are calculated and aggregated into an average payment days figure for every account.

    If one customer pays in 45 days over the last few invoices and another in 90 days, Predict will make the predicted invoice activity hit your bank account in 67.5 days. This way, you're not relying on credit terms for predicted cash flow and can get a warning on accounts that are causing credit control issues.

  • Journals and cash payments

    They hit your bank or balance sheet on the same day that they happen. Just like they should.

  • Your supplier payments

    Predict is doing the same as the customer payments by analysing when you're paying your bills. It's changing and updating on every sync with the new information from your accounting software.




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So can you make any changes to the predictions in Predict?

Yes of course. Prediction software enables you to play with your data - test out your own choices and see the impact. Going on gut instinct alone, is no longer reliable enough, when knowing if you’ve got enough cash in the bank for the future, or making that final decision on whether to take on new staff, change sale prices, increase costs, launch a new product line and more.

We’ve got different ways for you to customise your future views, including Google Sheets hot-links, so go nuts and get involved.

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