Predicted SPEND

Predicting costs & expenses

As you grow, you spend more. It's a fact of business life.

Being disciplined with your costs and margins will put you in the driving seat for growth, or help that early retirement. 

Control the controllables

Predict does all of the hard work, by giving you a baseline costs and expenses forecast as a solid starting point.

Costs are analyzed

  • Predict reads your last 12-24 months

    Predict examines every cost from the last 12-24 months, breaking them down by type and trend.

  • Costs are predicted in seconds

    Bills, and cash costs are predicted for the following 3 years. Predictions will update every day.

Expenses are analyzed

Everyone starts with their sales forecast. But how much does it cost you to stay open?

By running through your predicted expense accounts, it's easy to see the savings you could make to save cash, and boost your future profit. 




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Your payment trends are analyzed

Paying suppliers faster than your customers pay you is a quick way to run out of cash.

By figuring out the average number of days it takes you to pay your bills, Predict works out when your money is likely to go out.

Tax on every purchase is calculated and predicted

  • Cash and Accruals schemes supported

    It’s too difficult to calculate VAT or GST manually in spreadsheets.

  • You always know if you can afford your next tax bill

    Predict calculates your predicted tax from costs and expenses, just like Xero and QuickBooks would do it.

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You know where you want to take your business...

Predict does all of the hard work, by giving you a baseline costs and expenses forecast as a starting point.
Now it's your turn to own your future numbers.

Tweak Predict with
Google Sheets hot-links

  • Launching a new service or product?

    What are the product and people costs?

    Hiring more sales heads?

    Have you factored in all payroll costs, commission and bonuses?

    Want to expand into further sites or offices?

    Professional fees, rent, rates, deposits?

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Predict out of the box

Predict has out of the box, plug and play methods for most revenue and spend situations.
Forecast sales and forecast costs (with all of the tax and cash impact calculated), in just a couple of clicks!

"That's just the way business is"
It isn't

Predict cash

Improve short term cash flow? Track cash in and out? Expand your business? Get funding or investment? Want peace of mind you can afford your debts?

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Predict sales

Sales trends for every account? Insight over your customers habits? Prepare for seasonality? Get on top of bad payers? Hire at the right time?

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Predict it all

Due bills impact on cash? Best time to pay? Understand your margins? Track profit? Predict VAT or GST? Pay yourself more? Sell your business?

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