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Secure funding with Predict.

Make sure you're managing cash effectively before looking for external capital.

Running a predicted business and exploring different scenarios will clearly flag when you need funding to grow or get through a rough patch, way ahead of time when future cash falls into an uncomfortably low area or worse, into the red.

Most small businesses apply for funding 3 days before they are going to run out of cash. Don’t be in this group.

You need a 3-way forecast

External investors, alternative lenders, grant providers and banks will all want to see a full 3-way forecast or projection.
These 3 reports are created automatically in Predict for the full 3-years you'll require and conveniently export to Google Sheets.

Everything you need Predict generates for you in a couple of minutes. Combine that with the easy and fast scenario modelling you'll need to do to show what you need the funding for, and you’re all set with no fuss and no need for a finance degree!
Report #1

Profit & Loss

The P&L is the first report you'll need to supply. It helps you (and them) judge your business profitability and performance. It is the guide to whether your business model, pricing strategy and cost management are working.

Sales, Costs and Expenses are predicted as well as Gross profit, Gross margin and overall Net Profit. 

Futrli Predict Profit and Loss forecast
Report #2

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is the second report in a 3-way projection or forecast. It tells you and investors how much money your business has, and will have, in assets like cash, stocks, property etc., versus liabilities like tax and loans that need to be paid back with interest. 

It’s a snapshot of the health of your business on a certain day. 

If you’re applying for a loan, don’t guess at affordability. Test out how much you need and whether you can afford it, by using Predict’s live-linked Google Sheets loan calculator template.

Futrli Predict Balance Sheet forecast
Report #3

Cash Flow

This is the 3rd report you’ll need.

The Cash Flow Statement lets you see how much money is coming in or out of the business and where it is coming from.

It will help you know if enough is coming in to fund the business, for example, if you need more money for things like stock, salaries or upcoming tax payments.

Futrli Predict Cash Flow Statement Forecast




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predicted sales

Sales: the heartbeat of your business

It all starts here. Is your strategy good? Are you charging enough?

  • Invoices are analyzed
  • Cash sales are analyzed
  • Customer payment trends
  • VAT/GST calculated
  • Seasonality analysed
  • Predicted profit calculated
  • And for added control: unit, repeating and freestyle methods
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predicted spend

Costs & expenses:
they'll make or break you

As you grow, you spend more. It's a fact of business life.

Where can you save, and are you getting timings right?

  • Bills are analyzed
  • Cash purchases are analyzed
  • Your payment trends
  • VAT/GST calculated
  • Seasonality analysed
  • Predicted profit calculated
  • Extra control: unit, repeating and freestyle methods
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Tweak Predict with
Google Sheets hot-links

  • Thinking about launching a new service or product?

    What’s the sales ramp and volume? What are the product and people costs? Do you need to market it?

    Expanding your sales team?

    How long is the deal time to close? What are their salaries, bonuses, commissions?

    Launching a marketing campaign to drive footfall?

    What’s the budget? Which platforms? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter? What conversion rate do you need?

    Want to expand into further sites or offices?

    Have you thought of the professional fees, rent, rates, insurance deposits?

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Predict out of the box

Predict has out of the box, plug and play methods for most revenue and spend situations.
Forecast sales and forecast costs (with all of the tax and cash impact calculated), in just a couple of clicks!
prediction tech

What's a 5-way and why do I want one?

You're a small business owner who is trying to grow your company, but aren't always sure you're doing it right?

Predict's world-first, 5-way approach, takes your Xero or QuickBooks data, analyses it, predicts it more accurately than a human can and tells you what you can do to improve. The 5 areas are:

  • Due invoices & bills
  • Sales, spend and profit trends
  • Tax, debt and affordability
  • Predicted cash flow (of course)
  • And has has the most accurate auto-predictions in the land
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predictions explained

Owning your numbers: with the explanation assistant

You have to trust what you see. Imagine having your own FD, CFO or advisor sat next to you.

Every prediction for sales and spend activity, and their payments hitting your bank is explained in plain English.

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own every possible outcome

Target missed?
New contract?

The future is unpredictable, but with micro-adjusting Predict, you are armed for every eventuality.

Toggle off any prediction, and create different scenarios to be prepared:

  • What if a big contract is paid late?
  • What costs will increase if you land that huge customer?
  • Should you launch your new service this quarter?
  • Can you afford 2 or 3 new staff?
  • Can you afford to give yourself a 20% pay increase?...
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"That's just the way business is"
It isn't

Predict cash

Improve short term cash flow? Track cash in and out? Expand your business? Get funding or investment? Want peace of mind you can afford your debts?

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Predict sales

Sales trends for every account? Insight over your customers habits? Prepare for seasonality? Get on top of bad payers? Hire at the right time?

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Predict it all

Due bills impact on cash? Best time to pay? Understand your margins? Track profit? Predict VAT or GST? Pay yourself more? Sell your business?

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