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Google Sheets

Some things in your business, you have think about in a special way. Some things in your business are hard to forecast because,  they are just complicated, like Payroll.
Not any more!

Use Predict's Google Sheets hot-links to power-up your predictions. Coming Soon!

You know where you want to take your business...

To use Google Sheets templates, we create a Master Google Sheets file for you.
This is the sheet that will be hot-linked to Predict.
Follow these steps and you will be using your first template in a few clicks!

(Before editing, make sure that all of the templates are copied into your Master sheet because the Master is what is linked to Predict!)


Covers, average spend, food and drink GP%s, cost mixes, labour as a % of sales etc......


Occupancy, room rates, food and beverage...


Temporary and permanent sales, sales heads etc...


Predict up to 10 streams of recurring revenue based on growth and churn assumptions...

Digital agencies

Predict a combination of one off and monthly recurring revenue for up to 50 clients.


Predict a combination of one off and monthly recurring revenue for up to 50 clients.


If you are receiving payment via invoice discounting, use this to accurately predict costs and cash flows.


If you are repaying loans or looking to take one out, use this to calculate repayments and interest.

UK Payroll

Let us accurately calculate your staff costs, including PAYE, pension and national insurance.

AU Payroll

Accurate payroll forecasting, including PAYG, superannuation and medicare.


Tell us about your accruals, prepayments or deferred revenue and we will handle the journals.

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