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UK businesses we've got your cash and future sorted.

If you invoice customers and have a limited company in the UK, claim a FREE Futrli Predict licence for 12 months and get your invoices paid faster (even the old ones...) when you sign up to iwocaPay. There is literally no catch.

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What is Futrli Predict?

It's your secret weapon in getting the most out of your business. What do you want to do first?

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  • Predict your profit?

    You've got skills, you know you can do it - Predict just tells you where to focus your efforts. All your income streams will be in one place with a breakdown of their recent and upcoming trends. You may have a lot of cash tied up in outstanding bills and invoices - Predict can lend a hand here too.

    Predict your future cash in the bank?

    You had cash but where did it go? Predict knows. Predict knows everything. Pinpoint the holes in your pocket with customer payment trends, debt and affordability and tax all analysed and calculated in your future bank balance.

    Get funding or grow?

    How often do you check the weather forecast? Start doing the same for your business. Predict gives you all of the tools and reports you'll need for investors, the bank, your team or your own piece of mind.

What is iwocaPay?

Predict does all of the hard work, by giving you a baseline costs and expenses forecast as a starting point.
Now it's your turn to own your future numbers.
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The simple checkout for your invoices.

Get your invoices paid sooner by making it easier to pay with iwocaPay. Your customers choose to pay now or pay over 3 instalments, and you get paid up front every time.

  • Add an iwocaPay pay link to your invoices

    Make them in your iwocaPay dashboard or connect your Xero account to add them automatically.

    Your customer chooses to Pay Now or Pay Later

    Stand apart from the competition by letting your customers choose how they pay, without taking on the risk.

    You get paid up front

    As soon as your customer checks out you get paid, no matter what option they choose.

What do I need to do?

Just hit the button below and fill in the form details. Iwoca will contact you to book in a 15-minute Zoom.

You'll follow the simple steps below on the call and they'll let us know that you're ready for Predict.

That's it! 12 months free of Predict and credit control woes are gone forever.
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"That's just the way business is"
It isn't

Predict cash

Improve short term cash flow? Track cash in and out? Expand your business? Get funding or investment? Want peace of mind you can afford your debts?

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Predict sales

Sales trends for every account? Insight over your customers habits? Prepare for seasonality? Get on top of bad payers? Hire at the right time?

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Predict it all

Due bills impact on cash? Best time to pay? Understand your margins? Track profit? Predict VAT or GST? Pay yourself more? Sell your business?

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