Scenarios: what might happen?

Prepare yourself for things outside your control with scenarios.

Predict creates an accurate baseline forecast for you in a couple of minutes, and will keep doing that every day with the new data you're generating.

Then it's over to you to layer on top the things that you know will happen, as well as things you don't.

Now it's your turn

There are an infinite number of scenarios that might happen in your business.
Life is predictably unpredictable, right?
So get comfortable that every business forecast including the one Predict creates for you, has things in it that will and won’t happen. But, as it is updating every day it gives you the most control you’ll ever have. 

Plan for other scenarios and try to be ready for them, including the curve balls that come out of nowhere

Your best case?

  • Your best case may be as simple as increasing the baseline forecast by adding a new prediction that increases sales by an amount or %
    You may also see what your business and cash flow looks like if your customers pay you upfront, on the same day, rather than with lagging credit terms
    Are you launching a new product, service or increasing your sales team? 

    What's the revenue increase? Have you factored in all of the costs: salaries, commission, stock, freight, duty?

    Launching a marketing campaign to drive footfall?

    What’s the budget? Which platforms? Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter? What conversion rate do you need?

    Want to expand into further sites or offices?

    Have you thought of the professional fees, rent, rates, insurance deposits?

And your worst?

  • Decrease sales by an amount or %. This is simple, but it will give you an idea of the minimum sales you need for cash breakeven.
    What happens if customers pay with lagging credit terms? Is cash flow still ok?
    What happens if a product or service line doesn’t work out as expected? Or flops completely?
    What if your sales team’s pipeline isn’t as strong, or the days it takes them to close a deal is double?
    Customer numbers, average spend, average order value, retention, or footfall decreases?

In the words of Montell Jordan...
"This is how we do it"

Scenarios are easy as 1,2,3.
Predict has out of the box, plug and play methods for most revenue and spend situations.
Forecast sales and forecast costs (with all of the tax and cash impact calculated), in just a couple of clicks!

1. It's all about the toggle

Toggle them off, toggle them on, and see your future change instantly.

Whether they are our predictions or your own, numbers update immediately. But, we strike them through, so you can still see the underlying figures, and our predictions will keep on updating every day.

2. Predict out of the box

3. Google Sheets hot-links

For every flexible situation you can think of and making the complex simple. Enter a few fields and Predict does the rest. Have your own template? Hit the link below to send it to us!
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Covers, average spend, food and drink GP%s, cost mixes, labour as a % of sales etc......


Occupancy, room rates, food and beverage...


Temporary and permanent sales, sales heads etc...


Predict up to 10 streams of recurring revenue based on growth and churn assumptions...

Digital agencies

Predict a combination of one off and monthly recurring revenue for up to 50 clients.


Predict a combination of one off and monthly recurring revenue for up to 50 clients.


If you are receiving payment via invoice discounting, use this to accurately predict costs and cash flows.


If you are repaying loans or looking to take one out, use this to calculate repayments and interest.

UK Payroll

Let us accurately calculate your staff costs, including PAYE, pension and national insurance.

AU Payroll

Accurate payroll forecasting, including PAYG, superannuation and medicare.


Tell us about your accruals, prepayments or deferred revenue and we will handle the journals.

"That's just the way business is"
It isn't

Predict cash

Improve short term cash flow? Track cash in and out? Expand your business? Get funding or investment? Want peace of mind you can afford your debts?

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Predict sales

Sales trends for every account? Insight over your customers habits? Prepare for seasonality? Get on top of bad payers? Hire at the right time?

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Predict it all

Due bills impact on cash? Best time to pay? Understand your margins? Track profit? Predict VAT or GST? Pay yourself more? Sell your business?

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