What does flexible mean to my business?

We give you ultimate control of your business data. Choose the financial or non-financial data that you want to delve into, set up the report in seconds and let us auto-update it for you every day. Daily reporting? Weekly reporting? We have you covered.

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What does flexible mean to my business?

Flexible does not mean power-yoga in the world of FUTRLI.

Flexible means tearing up the traditional month-end, backwards-looking view of businesses that the majority of business owners have to suffer and giving you back the power.

Power to visualise your business however you want to – it’s your business after all. So if you want to look at the last 100 days performance, you can. If you want to look at the next 6 fortnights performance you can. If you want to look at next year, you can.

For all Xero and QBO files, we pull in the daily journals automatically. This means that you can slice and dice your data however you want to, with ease. But we go a step further, because we have the raw data and because we have the power of an accounting platform, we can aggregate the data transactionally or cumulatively, so drill into the detail, or see how you’ve performed to date.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also bring non-financial into FUTRLI. This data that is generated by your business will give you rich insights if you can view and analyse it on its own or against the financials – ROI KPIs, customer KPIs etc are all available and will auto-update with every new import.

“FUTRLI is another exciting development in the accounting game. Combining the power of Xero data with the flexibility of Excel is true genius.” - Stephen Simpson

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