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Manage business quickly and accurately with online dashboards and printed PDF management reports

Live dashboards for live businesses

Would you rather have 90% accuracy about your business today, or 100% accuracy in 6-8 weeks? Our surveys say that you would choose 90% accuracy every time.

Our automatic data syncing enables live dashboards. They’re flexible to ensure they measure and monitor the important things. Controlling the operation detail can make a real change to a business’ bottom line.

Historical reports don’t help businesses move forward – they’re out of date before you’ve even had time to discuss them. Futrli shows progress clearly.

PDFs for the official day to day

There is always a reason for a printed management report or a business plan. With Futrli, you can produce beautiful PDF management reports in seconds.

Build your PDF reports from existing dashboards, pre-built templates or create from scratch. All you have to do is hit ‘print’.

And of course, you can customise how the information displays, with flexible page layouts, charts, table and data options. Great for board or bank meetings.

Have more than one business?

Futrli allows you to consolidate and group organisations from any accountancy package, for top-level reporting.

We help you to maintain financial accuracy with inter-company eliminations, crucial to keep full control.

Use your consolidated data to benchmark standards for your other ventures, so you can keep everything under control, all from one place.

What you can do with Futrli reporting

Rolling forecast visualisation

Actual & forecast reporting in one place

Pre-built PDF templates, pages & reports

Export to PDF, Excel & CSV

Customisable charts, cards & tables

Powerful formulas for any calculation


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“6 out of 5!!!!”

Shirley Jackson, acqValue

“Without Futrli, day to day tasks would probably take 10 times longer!”

Nicolette Quinn, Owner, Savvy CFO

"Futrli helped improve client loyalty. Our churn rate has decreased from 20% to 13%."

Colin Hunt, EzyAccounts

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