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This is not just data visualisation.

It's a security blanket for your business's future. Every integrated feature delivers insights you can action

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Make decisions with clear insights

Every business is different: size, structure, output, ambitions, personnel, growth strategy, exit plans etc etc.

And every business decision you make will end up affecting the financials immediately or in time.

Don’t put your business at risk by inadvertently looking through the rear view mirror. Unlock the insights that are hidden within your financial information to make better decisions today.

Find out as soon as it happens

You don’t need to be logged in to get insights about your business.

Our powerful alerts area can not only tell you about changes that have happened today, but they can also tell you about how today’s new data will affect your future.

Any activity for an account, group category, KPI, metric for current or future data can be delivered to your pocket.

The devil is in the detail

Your chart of accounts structure is your greatest ally. Ensuring that you have granularity when creating nominal accounts and then group them for further insights.

How is one team’s profitability faring against another? What’s the ROI on a specific area of the business?

So many more insights can be found when you’re set up right.

Not just financial data

Your accounts package holds many insights about your business but it’s only part of the story.

How do your website conversion rates relate to digital spend? How are your sales team converting on their pipeline?

By importing non-financial data your reports and planning will give you the entire picture.

Any output you need

You are not always at your desk, but decisions wait for no one. You cannot be limited to printed reports or desktop software. So we make it easy to share insights with your team, or get the answers you need, in any way you want.

Access on the go on your smartphone or tablet. Get beautiful visuals and answers on your PC or go down the more traditional route with PDF board reports.