Non-financial KPI

Get your crucial non-financial drivers into your forecasts & reports

Measure and predict performance

The future success of your organisation may rely upon your ability to satisfy clients, your aptitude to innovate, and the motivation of your employees.

We know it’s crucial for you to keep control of these non-financial drivers.

Factors like staff engagement, client satisfaction and referrals all need to be measured and monitored. These all have a critical role to play in the future financial performance of your business.

Non-financial is linked to financial

Set up KPIs for both your financial and non-financial data to see a full view of a business. These metrics so often influence future financial outcomes.

You can also use non-financials in the forecasting section, incorporating them into any formula.

This enables you to base projected cashflows on customer numbers, for example. You can then play around with these numbers to see how a change would impact performance.

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