Pre-built PDF templates,
pages & reports

Display data quickly and efficiently

A helping hand if you’re new to Futrli

Built off the back of user feedback, we’ve got templates ready to go, perfect for a myriad of industries and users.

When you’re getting started with new software, it can be much easier to use pre-set templates, so we give you the option.

They’ll help you to start thinking about how to use Futrli better, and you can customise them when you’re feeling confident.

Save time and get us to do the hard work

We know that sometimes you just need to get your report built, so see which templates can help speed up your daily tasks.

Business works in real-time, so instead of getting caught up in your finances, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

All you need to do is load up a template with your financial or non-financial information and you’re ready to go.

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