Plan for every scenario with confidence

Clearly see the outcomes of potential decisions with scenario modelling.

A white MacBook container with a Futrli what-if scenario representation, showing a line graph and doughnut chart and a table.

Model scenarios in Futrli. To explore your business' future, set up best, worst and middle-case outcomes. View scenarios side by side for real impact. Furthermore, you can dare to wonder 'what-if' with scenario modelling.

Link scenarios

Use a base scenario to explore what-if permutations by linking multiple scenarios together and visualising the impact of each one.

Forecast from trends

Use historic business data to quickly produce a base forecast that takes into account seasonality and from which the impact of revenue or cost, growth and contraction can be explored.

3-way cashflow

Flexible 3-way forecasting that automatically calculates sales tax and payment days to ensure accurate predictions across any scenario.

Duplicate & adjust scenarios

Copy existing forecasts to model different scenarios. Visualise the various business outcomes on charts and dashboards side by side.

An iPhone X container that displays a company forecast in Futrli, with a profit and loss performance vs forecast table and forecast cashflow at the bottom.

Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly scenario views

View your forecasts daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly because you need peace of mind over your numbers. Drill into the detail of every transaction to truly understand your figures. As a result, you'll improve accuracy and can trust the data in front of you.

Scenario modelling side by side

The old way of comparing unwieldy spreadsheets is a cumbersome task. The new way will give you answers about your future in seconds, with no degree in Excel required! See which scenario gives you the best revenue, profitability and cash result in seconds.

A what-if scenario plan inside a white MacBook laptop container that shows how the business will do with a forecast vs a forecast that includes a new product for comparison, and a profit and loss card next to it for full visibility.
An iPhone X container that shows an investor's view report of actual vs budget data in a bar chart of pink and orange and a table below it so a business owner can analyse data.

Variance analysis helps you slice and dice data

Are you sticking to your budget? Our variance analysis on your current performance versus your budget therefore gives you the insights you need. Also, as you build out scenarios, the transactions you create are stored by us.

Select your plan

Select your plan

Whether you are a small business who wants to solve the pain of running the numbers, or an accounting firm who wants to delight their clients with real help, we have a plan for you.

Single business

  • Our PAYG plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited forecasts
  • Unlimited reports
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Online support
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CFO or bookkeeper

  • Our Bronze plan
  • Up to 20 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 1
  • Online support
$ 299 /Per month
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Small advisory

  • Our Silver plan
  • Up to 75 clients
  • Practice strategy
  • Account manager
  • Certification x 3
  • Online support
$ 525 /Per month
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Mid-size advisory

  • Our Gold plan
  • Up to 200 clients
  • Practice strategy
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