Compare scenarios side by side

Multiple budget or forecast versions can be compared to each other, to track forecasts against budgets as well as actuals

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Compare your scenarios side by side

When we scenario plan in FUTRLI, we recommend that you compare the key findings of each scenario visually, side by side on our Boards.

The old way of comparing unwieldy spreadsheets by using pivot tables, which of of course need an element of spreadsheet skill and are not for the uninitiated, is a cumbersome task.

The new way, give you answers about your future in seconds, with no degree in excel required!

Here’s an example of a best, worst and probable plan. In seconds we can see which scenario gives us the best revenue, profitability and cash result. (This is purely forecast data in 2 different scenarios)

Any KPI that you want to create or have already created while looking at your actual data, can equally be used for your future data. It’s a completely seamless, integrated, powerful engine, working hard for you.

There are multiple Cards delivering multiple insights into your business and in addition, many of the Cards have a wealth of display options for you to choose from. Everyone likes to view things differently so take your pick with a vast array of charts and Card types.

“We have been using FUTRLI for more than a year and really value being able to quickly explore key financial performance metrics and compare performance against plan and previous years. The ability to give different stakeholders tailored views is also really useful.” - Scott Robinson

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