Quick and advanced copying of scenarios saves time

You need to be able to flex your future quickly and easy. Copy your budget or forecast and explore the different paths your business could take, quickly and easily.

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Quick and advanced copying of scenarios saves time

Why would you want to copy a scenario?

You may have created a full 5 year plan that now requires a second version that is more pessimistic from a sales point of view.

You may be sitting in a management meeting and want to experiment with some new staff and productivity options.

Both scenarios are (literally!) facilitated through copying.

After you have created your first Scenario there are three ways that you can copy a scenario. The first is from inside the scenario: Quick copy function number 1:

Quick copy option number 2 is on the scenarios page:

The others are found after you hit the “New” button.

There is another version of the quick copy, which will do exactly that, create a copy of the scenario with the same start date, transactions and duration.

The third option is to create an advanced copy. This option lets you change the start date or extend/reduce the duration of the scenario too.

However you use the copies that you make, remember to visualise the data in our Boards too!

“A great feature is being able to copy scenarios in one click. In an instant you see a completely different outcome of what’s ahead.” - Andy Greener

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