Visualise the difference

Visualise the difference by using your budget or forecast data in our integrated performance dashboards. It’s easier to look at how a KPI in each scenario is tracking versus a wall of numbers

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Visualise the difference

“a fantastic analytical tool allowing you to show a client the key metrics in a wonderfully visual way. Superb integration with Xero. Forecasting tool is very easy for clients and accountants to build and understand” - Alex Pearce

The example above illustrates two scenarios and a clear presentation of the cash position of each. Which one would you opt for?!

Stop the paralysis


Information paralysis that is all too common when using spreadsheets for business planning is not a concern in FUTRLI because all of the forecast and budget data can be viewed, sliced and diced on our Cards (reports). We enable this by storing everything you build in our scenarios as sets of transactions, just like the journals that make up your actual data.


Consider this spreadsheet of a P&L forecast. There is a generic GP KPI held within the data. How easy do you find it to visualise the trends held within?


It takes a while doesn’t it, and even then working out the trend-line and whether there is a meaningful pattern or insights is difficult.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 13.45.07

Now consider this Board

We have 4 different Cards highlighting Gross Profit and how you can visualise this:

Proportion of Gross Profit v Revenue in a Proportion Card

Actual v forecast this year in a Comparison Card

Current behaviour in Snapshot Cards

Rolling forecast for this 12 months with predicted yr end position in a Report Card

Each piece of information tells another part of the story about your business and how it looks like it is going to perform in the future as we are referencing the rolling actual & forecast data-set.

It doesn’t have to stop there though, as every Card can belong to a different scenario.

You can start comparing different outcomes for every one of your KPIs if you wish. Which future do you want your business to work towards? Making these sometimes large, sometimes small decisions is difficult when faced with a spreadsheet wall of numbers, particularly if you haven’t prepared the data yourself. That’s why visualisation is so important (and remember you can share your Boards with your team too!)

“The software is intuitive and easy to use. It integrates seamlessly with Xero and gives you the ability to analyse your data in a much more understandable way. Not everyone is an accountant, so it lets us explain the bones of a business to a client in a format they "get".” Joanne Halsall

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