Which plan should you adopt?

Use our charts to highlight the KPIs that matter to you. Take them out of those walls of numbers and choose your best future. They are dynamic and interactive, so, focus on the smallest detail or assess the big picture: profit, wage %, where your cash has gone? Whatever your need, you can assess this in seconds, beautifully.

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Which plan should you adopt?

Choosing which plan to adopt, after creating multiple scenarios for your future can appear to be a daunting task. Getting to the root of the causes for concern areas or the areas where successes can be found is your goal.

In FUTRLI this is simple because of our dynamic and impactful presentation options. Not only do our Cards (reports) have many different options for slicing and dicing your data in order to get to the answers that you need, but, they also have a huge range of display options.

Our charts are not static presentations of your business, they are inordinately flexible too. By being dynamic and interactive, during Board meetings or team meetings, you can drill into the visuals to gain even better clarity over the decisions you need to make.

So whether you are looking at the big picture, with e.g a 3 year Profit & Loss for three of your scenarios laid out side by side (you can copy Cards too, so you don’t need to build them from scratch either!), or you have created a Card with a Chart of your rolling actual & forecast wage % for the next 3 months, you can assess the KPIs that you need for your business in seconds, beautifully.

“I can look at my P&L for the next 3 years or visualise our core KPIs from the forecast. For example what does Wages as a % of overall expenses or sales look like? Advertising expenses as a % of revenue?” - Andy Greener

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