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Features & benefits

Link Scenarios

Use a base scenario to explore what-if permutations by linking multiple scenarios together and visualising the impact of each one.

3 way cashflow

Flexible 3 way forecasting that automatically calculates sales tax and payment days to ensure accurate predictions across any scenario.

Forecast from trends

Use historic business data to quickly produce a base forecast that takes into account seasonality and from which the impact of revenue or cost, growth and contraction can be explored.

Duplicate & Adjust

Copy existing forecast to model different scenarios. Visualise the various business outcomes on charts and dashboards side by side.

Formula Forecasting

Base profit or cost assumptions on the value of other lines within the forecast. Reference non-financials, such as item price or projected customer figures for increased flexibility when modelling.

Scenario Comparison

Compare and visualise the business impact of any scenario side by side on a chart or in a dashboard. Integrate actual data to create a rolling forecast for added visibility.

Andy Greener, MD of Komodo Digital

“We use FUTRLI most days. If a new contract lands then we need to model the effect on top line sales and expenses quickly and easily and with FUTRLI I can see in seconds the impact on different scenarios across P&L, Balance Sheet and Cashflow thanks to the softwares all-in-one capability. How does the acquisition of a new client affect when we should hire next? FUTRLI will give me that answer.”

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