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Big or small, every one of your clients needs a helping hand. With our online accounting software, you’ll be just that. Build stronger relationships with your clients and you’ll see their success grow, as well as your own. Increased revenue and referrals are just the start.

Bespoke cash flow software for every business

Each of your clients is different. From what they do to how they work, they’re unique. Our products have been designed with that in mind, to support the needs of every client in your portfolio.
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Your ultimate advisory toolkit

Futrli Advisor lets you break out the big toys for your big clients. Dive into forecasting, scenario modeling, PDF reporting, KPI dashboards and more. Perfect cloud accounting software for accountants who want to set themselves apart with a high-quality offering that doesn’t break the bank (or your back!).

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Real-time advisory

With seamless integrations with your clients’ online accounting software, you can say goodbye to manual data entry. With automatically up-to-date dashboards, forecasts, reports and KPIs, timely advice for your clients is effortless.

Proactive, effortlessly

Keep up to date with your clients’ businesses by implementing alerts. With custom thresholds, you’ll be able to update your clients with timely advice, safeguarding their cash flow and giving them the advice they need to keep their business on track.

Simply bespoke offerings

Businesses move fast, so flexibility is essential. Personalize our templates, or create dashboards from scratch using both financial and non-financial data. Use our KPI builder to unearth the data that really matters to your clients.


Not sure where to start?

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Perfect for daily updates

Futrli Flow is perfect for your smaller clients, giving snappy, simple, data-driven updates on your clients’ business. With a simple, intuitive Actionfeed, Flow delivers data in a format your clients understand. Every client will only be a scroll away from up-to-date. It’s the ideal cloud accounting software for accountants who want to engage and protect every client.

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Time-cost free

Forget implementation, certification and rollout meetings. Flow’s as simple as plug and play. Designed especially for businesses, with simple onboarding and intuitive design. For you, it’s as simple as hitting the invite button.

Time-cost free

Making data simple

Cash flow is one of the biggest stumbling points for businesses. Utilizing AI, we break cash flow down into bitesize daily actions, you’ll be able to discuss and support your client with the issues that really matter to their business.

Build better relationships

We’ve built Flow to educate your clients, as well as help them. Educated clients ask more questions. Prompt your clients with notification snippets, or wait for them to come to you, information in hand, so you can do what you do best: advise.

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Give your clients daily, data-driven insights.

Graham Shapiro
Graham ShapiroMyaccountant

"This is an absolute MUST for any business owner."

Katerina Fiscus
Katerina FiscusPeaches and Creme Thrift Shop

"BTW I LOVE this! This is the PERFECT thing I need for me and my business!"

Charlotte Smith
Charlotte SmithCityzen Ltd

"All in all shockingly insightful and shows us EXACTLY where our vulnerabilities lie."

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