Get the information into the right hands

With FUTRLI, you can stop waiting on reports and quickly share data with people who need it now. Get the information to those who need. Too often, people struggle with getting access to the information they need to do their jobs. You have simple options to get it to them inside or outside of the workplace.

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Get the information into the right hands

Managing your business with your team is now fast

There has been much emphasis put on the preparation of management information by traditional accounting firms in the past. A laborious job that requires much data import and export and something, that could accrue high cost to the business owner for this reason. Many business owners would either prepare them on their own for this reason, or not bother at all. So much missed opportunities for millions of businesses have been lost due to this and many have closed their doors.

This laborious undertaking is now something that can be archived. The new way of managing your business is fast, efficient and gives you answers today. It’s insights for all, not insights for those that can afford it. It is also not confined to the realms of paper and email attachments.


Information can be in your team's hands in seconds


Reports can be built in seconds and in the hands of your team, client, advisor, or shareholders immediately. They will update as new information flows through, so all Boards that contain current performance snapshot cards for example of YTD information will be a live reflection of business performance.


Because they are so fast to build and auto-update, they can be throwaway as well. They don’t need to be monolithic works of art that some spreadsheets are akin to. Spreadsheets which are often only understandable to the creator and not to the potential audiences that rely on the data that has been produced to make their business decisions.

“What FUTRLI allows us to do is give the industry up-to-date reports on a weekly basis. This has always been a possibility, but never with the efficiency, ease and aesthetically appealing design that FUTRLI provides. Now our Clients have weekly P&Ls & KPI’s at their fingertips.” - Nick Hazel, Café Bookkeepers

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