Inviting users into the data

Our invitation process assigns all permissions and delivers the Boards that you’ve prepared for your new user as soon as they redeem their invitation and register. Seamless collaboration from the first step.

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Inviting users into the data

Inviting new users to collaborate over your business plan and progress has to be simple and is an essential part of the FUTRLI journey

We encourage you to do this as soon as you have your first Boards built as two heads are definitely better than one and five heads are better than two.
As the transition from quarterly spreadsheet or PDF reporting  (which you can still do in FUTRLI) into:
  • online,
  • dynamic,
  • auto-updating and
  • easy to share reporting…
…gathers momentum, we are constantly innovating to make this process simple!
Logging into our master Boards every morning over coffee, on our smartphone is part of our routine now. It should be yours too.

“The team absolutely love the visuals. Now, they make an impact. It helps them understand it which makes their lives easier and their performance better. But, you can’t just stare at the numbers you have to focus on what you can do to change them, FUTRLI brings that message home. We strive for quality service and standards to drive better turnover and now there’s always one eye on our margins and profit.” - Martin Greenhow, Mojo

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