Need to share more data?

Sharing Boards that contain your financial, non-financial or forecast data is a the key to collaborating and something that is very simple in FUTRLI. Every time you share a Board a copy of your creation is sent to your collaborator. You can also send read-only versions to them, or export it all to PDF or CSV.

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Need to share more data?

Collaboration is key when running a connected, forward-thinking business

Getting good data into your accounts package as efficiently as possible (with the likes of ReceiptBank and Vend), means that the heavy lifting has been taken care of.

Our auto-sync of your data ensures that there is no repetition of data entry for you or your team, it just flows through effortlessly, updating all of the Boards you have set up and any actuals you want to view within your scenarios.

So whether you want to share:

  • Your budget,
  • Compare actuals to your budget,
  • Share a 5yr 3-way forecast,
  • Monitor current progress,
  • Analyse non-financial data against your sales…etc…

It’s all possible for you and your key personnel to make those crucial decisions with ease.

You have control over how you share your business information

We have the ability to send “Read-only” Boards. If sent any user cannot amend, or edit the layout, appearance or data-selection of the Board you have sent to them.



Finally, the ultimate in read-only is a PDF or print-out and we of course support that too, when you want to send a forecast to the bank for instance.

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“The team absolutely love the visuals. Now, they make an impact. It helps them understand it which makes their lives easier and their performance better. But, you can’t just stare at the numbers you have to focus on what you can do to change them, FUTRLI brings that message home. We strive for quality service and standards to drive better turnover and now there’s always one eye on our margins and profit.” - Martin Greenhow, Mojo

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