Permissions for financial and non-financial data

Do you want your administrators to have access to every organisation you add? Do you want your users to only be able to see only the Income and Cost of Sales account categories as that’s their area of responsibility? Do you want to let one of your team have responsibility for uploading non-financial data, but others only to have read-only access? No problem!

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Permissions for financial and non-financial data

Permissions are 4-fold within FUTRLI

Tier 1 – Organisation

The top-level is the organisation. All users are attached to organisations whether they are the owner, administrators or users.

Tier 2 – Account category

The next level is at account category level. Your chart of accounts contains data that you may want to share in part, and other areas you may not want users to view. In the hospitality industry, you may want your manager to be able to view sales and cost of sales as they have direct control over these areas, but all bank, asset and liability information would not be relevant. We have built in the ability to turn off categories at will. All information whether creating reports, or building KPIs, will only let the user see those categories they have permission for.

Tier 3 – Non-financial

We also have non-financial permissions. You may wish your users to have a read-only view of non-financial information, or you may wish to completely hide this information or conversely, to delegate the uploading of this data to others. The security of your information is of paramount importance to us.

Tier 4 – Read-only Boards

Finally we have the ability to send “Read-only” Boards. If sent any user cannot amend, or edit the layout, appearance or data-selection of the Board you have sent to them.


And used in practice!

Mojo, a 20yr establish chain of bars tripled their profits in the year since using FUTRLI.

They have Boards set up for each of their managers, with the financial data that is pertinent to them (turning off permissions for all accounts that are not relevant e.g. Balance sheet accounts) and giving them access to upload and view non-financial data.

There are separate Boards for each manager with the data for their own sites and which form the basis of their management meetings. The owner of Mojo has a consolidated view of the performance of all 3 bars on his Boards, which he can access on-the go on his smartphone or IPad and forms the basis of conversation with his adviser.

Data flows seamlessly through and the team work towards the targets and budgets that have been set. The resultant tripling of profits is staggering, but something that any business owner can achieve if they have insights at their fingertips.


“The team absolutely love the visuals. Now, they make an impact. It helps them understand it which makes their lives easier and their performance better. But, you can’t just stare at the numbers you have to focus on what you can do to change them, FUTRLI brings that message home. We strive for quality service and standards to drive better turnover and now there’s always one eye on our margins and profit.” - Martin Greenhow, Mojo

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