You choose who sees what

Permissions are the back-bone of FUTRLI and allow specific collaborators to see and work on only the financial and non-financial data you want them to see. The FUTRLI owner and admins decides who can access what, on a user-by user basis.

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You choose who sees what

We have powerful permissions that can make your business fly

Your financial data is precious information that needs to be protected. You will not want to share the inner workings of your business with everyone in your organisation. However, giving key personnel ownership and access to the information they need to help you grow your business and get more efficient is really powerful.

As the owner of a FUTRLI account, you can delegate tasks such as adding organisations or users to administrators and both can invite users to the organisations they want them to access.

For accounting firms we also have the ability to auto-add administrators to new organisations that are added to the firm.

But we have gone a step further and have built permissions into the core of FUTRLI to enable more granular restriction of data. Having the ability to turn off what an invited user can see, down to the account category opens so many possibilities to the sharing of financial data.

Now you can invite your managers or key personnel to the financial and non-financial data that you want them to see. Your accounts package is no longer a closed book.

“The great thing with FUTRLI is that you can display the lists of numbers that us accountants love or display the results graphically so anyone without a financial understanding can still see trends etc. There is functionality to allow certain users to see certain areas only. The example being a salesman can see targets for sales and how they have performed against those targets but they cannot see cash at bank or profits.” - Brian Mason

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