The 7 best QuickBooks apps to help run your business

To achieve a work-life balance and really scale, you need technology on your side. Here’s our round-up of some of the most popular apps you can connect to QuickBooks to make life easier and more insightful.

1. Expensify. There’s a huge need for a quick, simple expense reporting system. Expensify is loved by small businesses and accountants, as receipts and mileage is tracked with ease. Keep a handle on your outgoings with Expensify and see how it can streamline your day-to-day.

2. TSheets. The app for employee management. Track timesheets, manage your employees’ time and create timesheet reports. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for staff to get on with it, and even remote workers’ time can be used more productively, making employers happy too.

3. InvoiceSherpa. Tired of late payments? Get invoices paid on time with InvoiceSherpa. They connect to QuickBooks automatically to achieve their only goal: get you paid faster. The app will send out branded reminders to your customers around invoices due dates, to save time and hassle.

4. Futrli. We start where QuickBooks stops. Futrli is your live business plan, driven by solid cashflow forecasting. Explore multiple variations of scenario plans – best case, worst case, what if, etc, for excellent decision making and company reporting. Let real-time data power your business.

5. Cin7. This app meets the demands of your business, whether you’re retail or wholesale. Manage all of your sales channels, inventory, point of sale and supply chain in one place. Cin7 saves you time, automatically updating QBO with your latest purchases, sales and inventory values, and more.

6. Insightly CRM. An all-in-one CRM and project management app, keep on top of your projects at every stage. Easily track customers payments against project milestones and maintain a positive relationship with your customers. Manage contacts, tasks, projects, events and emails.

7. SOS Inventory. Built to integrate with QuickBooks from its conceptual stage, SOS is designed to save you time and cash by reducing duplicate data entry. Link SOS up to QBO for all of your order management needs. Create sales orders, itemise them and even sync invoices for each order.

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