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3 New Offices

Posted on 1st October 2015 in The Forecast

Written by Amy Harris

FUTRLI global expansion continues, find out what’s new with us. - 2minute read

It’s not all about software. It’s our team and culture that make the real difference. Here is some background to team FUTRLI and an update on what’s happened in the last year…


We have a home down-under. If you are ever in Sydney, our office is always open. It’s fully stocked with beer, crunchies and you can’t beat the BBQ and balcony.




Located in Clapham Junction, we are now 45 minutes from our development team in Brighton and close to some awesome cocktail bars. Our courtyard is a lovely suntrap too. The London team are all still a little bit jealous of Sydney’s view.

London office

Helen Cockle, Country Manager UK said:

“FUTRLI transforms the numbers for a client into operational, real-life information that they understand and can use to run their business. I joined the team when FUTRLI was in its infancy but, having worked with accountants and run my own business, the problem it solves and where it’s headed was so clear. Businesses have never seen their business and the future with such clarity before. The market is so vibrant right now and the relationship with accountants and business owners is shifting from a historical discussion to one that looks ahead. Compliance is becoming more streamlined with cloud based technology and it is facilitating the shift into the desirable advisor space. FUTRLI is the launch pad, but, the flexibility means we’re in it with you for the long-haul. If you’re looking to future-proof your business, FUTRLI is it. This period of change is opening up opportunities that have never been known before and are moving what has historically been a very traditional industry sector into an exciting modern space.”


We’d outgrown our starter office in Brighton so the development team packed up endless monitors (some like 3) and we had a party. The office karaoke was an essential.

Brighton-officeparty Devtown

We’ve laid some brilliant foundations for growth in the last quarter. Visitors will always be welcome!

Amy & Hannah