5 Ted Talks to Help you Predict the Future

Posted on 24th May 2017 in Business

Written by James Marren

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to predict the future? Well, at FUTRLI that’s our goal: to allow you to prepare your business to leverage or mitigate against whatever is coming up next. In the same vein, we have selected some great TED Talks for you, where some of the brightest minds from various fields give their insights on the future. If you watch them all, we predict you’ll be a step closer to unlocking your business’s future potential.

1. Elon Musk – The future we’re building – and ‘boring’

Elon Musk is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs on the planet, playing a vital role in transitioning the world to a sustainable energy economy, in which electric vehicles play a pivotal role. He also co-founded PayPal and is currently overseeing a project that will see his SpaceX rockets and spacecraft take humans to Mars in our lifetime.

In this talk, he discusses his new project which involves digging tunnels under LA, that will allow travel at phenomenal speeds, as well as the latest updates from Tesla and SpaceX. In our opinion, there is no one better to hear talk about the future than the man who is shaping it so significantly.

2. Neha Narula – The future of money

Neha Narula is director of research at the Digital Currency Initiative, and a professor and research leader of cryptocurrency and blockchain research at the MIT Media Lab. Previously she was a senior software engineer at Google where she designed Blobstore, a system for storing and serving petabytes of immutable data.

In this talk, she explains what happens when the way we buy, sell and pay for things changes, with the potential of a world powered by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We’re not there yet, but she paints a very different and interesting looking picture of the future.

3. Sarah Jones – What does the future hold? 11 characters offer quirky answers

Sarah Jones is a Tony Award-winning monologist, UNICEF ambassador, firebrand and FCC-fighting poet. She is used to playing so many roles with just simple wardrobe swaps and in this talk, she invites 11 “friends” from the future onto the stage to answer questions from the audience.

Her humorous routine also showcases a keen political awareness and she has received commissions from Equality Now, the Kellogg Foundation and the National Immigration Forum to address issues of injustice and inequality. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has given multiple performances at the White House for Former President and First Lady Obama.

4. Andrew McAfee – What will future jobs look like?

Andrew McAfee studies the ways that information technology affects individual businesses and business as a whole, whilst also exploring its effect on larger society. He’s a primary research scientist at the Center for Digital Business at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His books include Enterprise 2.0 and Race Against the Machine.

In this talk, he posits that robots will likely replace many of today’s jobs. However, looking forwards, he discusses what future employment might look like and how we can educate upcoming generations to thrive within it.

5. Caleb Harper – This computer will grow your food in the future

Caleb Harper is the director of the Open Agriculture Initiative at the MIT Media Lab and leads a group of engineers, architects, urban planners, economists and plant scientists in the exploration and development of high performance urban agricultural systems. He wants to change the food system by connecting growers with technology. In this talk, you hear about Harpers “food computers” and peer into the future of farming and the food we will eat.

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