5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Thriving & Prevent Burnout

Posted on 10th August 2017 in Business

Written by James Marren

Don’t just survive – thrive! The effects of burnout can happen to anyone in any industry, but with annual turnover so high in Sales, at around 20-30%, it’s one profession where people are clearly more vulnerable than most. It’s a role that needs to be managed carefully in order to keep your team together. Therefore we’ve compiled some questions to ask yourself to help you keep them firing on all cylinders.

Do they have a playbook?

A new member of your sales team has a lot to assimilate to get up to speed so that they are well positioned to sell your offering to potential clients. Your reps need to be an authority in whatever they are selling, but full onboarding can take up to 6 months and in some cases even longer. Providing a new arrival with a sales playbook and encouraging existing members to keep it up to date with its evolution will reap rewards much more quickly.

Here are some key components to a sales playbook:

 To help with fluency in your industry, provide access to all available resources/best content and set aside time for them to really get to grips with it. Included should be detailed case studies, relevant blog articles, trends and associated buzzwords. All of which are vital tools to help build rapport, trust and credibility between your reps and potential clients.

Customer Avatars are detailed profiles of buyers that your company sells to. You should clearly outline key customer pain points and include a customer journey map.

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 Include example messages tailored to each avatar for every context that your new recruit needs only to simply tweak and send. This can save them huge amounts of time that’s better spent on their main skill set of prospecting and closing sales for your company.

Are they reviewing their best calls?

On a fundamental level, this reminds you that you can do it. It can take you back to the state of mind that helped you to be most successful. Analyse and learn from what went right, which strategies, questions and responses were most effective, while gaining a boost of energy in the process.

When Jack Nicklaus, the most successful golfer ever, talked about his putting, he told an audience that he had never missed from within 3 feet of the hole. Video evidence suggests otherwise, however in Jack’s mind he didn’t allow room for doubt and replayed only the successful putts that he had made. This psychological trick can have a huge effect in allowing confidence to breed within you. Focusing on your successes, what went right and replaying them to yourself over again, can still have a significant impact.

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Could they switch leads?

It’s easy to find yourself in a rut and it’s important to switch things up when it happens. A great way to do this is for reps to swap leads with a colleague. The idea is that your reps swap, say, 50 leads and each agrees to hand back over any successful connections made.

As the leads are not strictly their own, the results don’t matter so much on a personal level, which relieves some of the pressure of the call. Your rep will likely feel less inhibited, which builds confidence, allowing the process to be more enjoyable and reigniting their enthusiasm.

Are they communicating?

Congrats @dude!!

There are few, if any, areas of life that don’t benefit from good communication. It’s fundamental on so many levels and we only have to look at social media to know how big a role it plays in our lives.

It is equally vital that you and your sales manager maintain excellent communication with your team and create an atmosphere where your reps feel that they can approach you. It is far better to discuss decreased motivation early than observing the results of it at month end.

Consider those moments in your career where you have felt burnout and draw on the strategies you used to offer advice. Showing a genuine understanding, that is based on your experience, is a good foundation for bond building in any context and can make the difference in helping your rep get on the road to recovery.

We’re big fans of Slack and the ability it gives you to send Giphys for congratulations and other general banter around the office. It’s great for boosting and maintaining drive and morale while injecting some much-needed humour into the day. We find that there is a direct correlation between a buzzing Slack channel and a successful day at the office!

How long since they attended a sales event?

Extending the idea of good communication even further, we recommend encouraging your team members to go to sales events to meet new people and talk to experts. Positivity is contagious and sometimes the buzz of an industry event can be just the thing to inspire. They are also a great way to break up your routine and perfect opportunities to learn new techniques and ideas that can be used back in the office.

FUTRLI exhibited at Accountex 2017 and the team travelled up together from Brighton to participate in what was a hugely enjoyable and successful event. As well as being a very successful business opportunity, it was a great chance to meet our lovely clients and make new friends. Accountex was an inspiring event for the whole team and highly energising, with everyone having a pep in their step the first day back in the office!

Another option is going to Meetups, which take place all over the world and offer a great opportunity for your team to attend morale boosting social gatherings with their peers. In addition, it’s also worth bearing in mind the potential of related online forums and webinars as well as the more traditional conferences and talks.

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