Keep Your Finger on the Pulse With Our 6 Top Accounting Blogs

Posted on 10th August 2017 in Advisory

Written by Freya Hughes

In such a broad industry, it can be tricky to keep up with the constant influx of updates and news. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to find it. The internet has done a fine job of connecting us across the globe, so make sure you’re subscribing to the right sources to keep on top of your game.

1. AccountingWEB

A leading online community for CPAs, AccountingWEB provides news and advice from top industry voices. They’ve been paving the way into advisory services for some time now, with well-structured posts, encouraging accounting professionals to embrace new ideas, develop, and grow their firms.

If you need guidance when evolving your firm into the advisory space, you’d do well to keep up with this blog. There are diverse challenges waiting around every corner, and AccountingWEB’s library of posts will be able to help. Blogs are divided into categories: technology, practice, tax, accounting and auditing, and community.

Its user-friendly design makes it a breeze to find inspiring content in seconds, and more is added daily. The site was developed to inform and inspire conversation that leads to better understanding of the profession. The community channel is an open forum where likeminded accountants can share knowledge and get answers to day-to-day issues from their peers.

2. Accounting Today

Serving the community of professionals who provide tax preparation, bookkeeping, auditing, financial planning, business advisory and consulting services to individuals and small businesses, Accounting Today is a leading resource in the industry. Its analysis and breaking news, opinion pieces and expert advice, allows firm leaders to make informed decisions about their business and the clients they serve.

Accounting Today reaches over 325,000 professionals across the full breadth of public accounting, ranging from sole practitioners who prepare tax returns, right up to the Big Four firms that audit the largest multinational corporations. Their community engage via social media, comment forums, research panels, and an authoritative network of contributors. As accountants optimise their practices – building clients relationships, increasing profitability, leveraging new technologies – Accounting Today delivers actionable and insightful content.

3. Xero

Another leader in cloud accounting, Xero’s blog is full of helpful tutorials, Xero updates, and in-depth advice articles for advisors and business owners alike. With well over a million users, Xero leads the way in the southern hemisphere and beyond. Believing that ‘small business makes the world go round’, the Xero blog is jam-packed with insightful posts. Use the blog to help your clients thrive through better tools, information and connections. The team work closely with customers and partners to push innovation forward.

Interviews and chats with leading accounting firms, like our friends at Blu Sky, keep the blog relevant and relatable – and you never know what kind of tips you’ll pick up from them. The personal touches across their blog makes reading enjoyable and educational at the same time.

Read the Blu Sky case study here

4. Bloomberg BNA

Multi-industry leaders in accounting, law and government, Bloomberg BNA provides accounting, tax and compliance professionals with all of the latest and important news. With a global network of experts, they deliver a unique combination of news, analysis, research solutions, practice tools, and business data and analytics. This blog combines trusted news and expert analysis with comprehensive market data, primary source material and cutting-edge technologies. This enables advisors to make more informed decisions, provide insightful guidance, grow their businesses and streamline their work.

With over 600 reporters, Bloomberg BNA deliver some of the highest editorial quality in the industry, providing timely, comprehensive, focused coverage. This means readers of the blog spend less time on reading and research and more time providing valuable guidance and making smarter decisions.

5. Accounting Principals

Accounting Principals are leaders in finance and accounting staffing. Since 2010, they’ve been leaders in staffing services around the world. But this isn’t staffing as usual. They take a different approach than most staffing agencies: focusing on the people, rather the profit.

Forming real relationships with both clients and candidates, they aim to understand the needs on both sides. It’s not enough to match a resume to a job opening. Accounting Principals focus on finding the right balance between skills and requirements, career goals and business objectives, and personality and team culture. That way, everyone wins.

6. Accountex

Attending Accountex is a great way to meet your industry peers, and keeping up with their blog allows you to see who is who from behind your screen. Calling for submissions from exhibitors gives you a broad range of content, all of which is from industry professionals. But don’t worry, their blog isn’t used as a marketing tool by the authors. Instead, it’s become a hub of information that will help any practice in their daily operations, client meetings and more.

During the year between events, check in with the Accountex blog so you can choose who you’ll be beelining when you arrive at the next event – you can even use their post as a conversation starter. When you’re at a large exhibition like this, you need to come prepared and know who you’d like to speak with beforehand. Otherwise you’ll find you waste your time hunting! The Accountex blog is not only a great pre-cursor to the event, it’s full of whit and knowledge from firm owners across the country.


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