Product Update: Automated Alerts

Posted on 16th March 2018 in Advisory

Written by Freya Hughes

Since we launched FUTRLI alerts, they’ve been one of our most popular features. This is because they prevent you having to check each client account and their dashboards. Raising efficiency in firms and businesses alike, we’ve updated our alerts feature to keep pace with innovation across the industry.

Be a proactive advisor

Keep your clients informed when they exceed a set limit or achieve a desired target. To streamline your workflow, segment clients to make them more manageable and set up alerts to stay updated with their progress towards targets or bank account limitations. You’ll be able to oversee the success of a business, positioning you as a proactive advisor monitoring the business 24/7.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of information available to you on your clients. Some accountants are hesitant to embrace working in real-time because it feels like it’s too much. Alerts cut out all the stress of information overload, as you can focus your attention on the areas that need it.

How are alerts received?

Alerts can come either in-app or via email, which means when you’re controlling multiple client accounts, you won’t even have to log into the accounts to check on them. Set up alerts dashboards for multiple businesses to keep things clear and concise, streamlining your day. The alerts dashboard is the ultimate bird’s eye view of every one of your clients.

This is your secret weapon. If you’ve white labelled the FUTRLI platform, you’ll receive alerts in your full branding too.

We’ve even made sure that you can receive your alerts if you’re using Xero HQ, via their homepage. The integration is a simple one-click authorisation process and then any Xero organisation that exists in both FUTRLI and HQ can have alerts sent.

When should you be setting up alerts?

Create alerts around the objectives/goals/targets you’ve discussed straight after you’ve had a diagnostic review session with a client. Monitor essentials as well, and pick up the phone proactively and help them with whatever situation they’re facing.

What you monitor might change as your relationship develops but at a minimum use diagnostic KPIs to get you started. Your clients will feel like you’re looking out for them constantly, which will see a nice uptick in your referrals too.

Where does automation come in to alerts?

Since our update, now when you add organisations we’ll automatically generate you a set of default alerts. We wanted to make your user experience as streamlined and enjoyable as possible, so we thought we’ll show you what FUTRLI could be tracking for you.

If some core KPIs are being hit in one of your clients’ accounts, you’ll get a notification and can proactively call your client to congratulate them, or if it’s bad news then you can quickly step in to prevent disaster.

The alerts that we create automatically are:

  • Bank Accounts Monitor – alerts you when your bank balance goes below the target value
  • Expenses Category Monitor – alerts you when expenses go above the target value
  • Income Category Monitor – alerts you when your income goes above the target value
  • Net Profit Monitor – alerts you when net profit goes above the target level
  • Accounts Receivable Days Monitor – alerts you if your accounts receivable goes above the target level

These target levels are generated by looking at the data for the last few months of the organisation and calculating an average as a starting point. You can edit and adjust these values using your own knowledge, or if you’re a little unsure the starting values will be accurate and representative.


Using FUTRLI alerts will help you be a better advisor. You’ll be able to manage many clients in one go, as they’re automatically telling you when to take action. Using the automatically generated alerts is the first step, then see what other variables you can monitor with your clients.

That’s all for now but watch out for more exciting updates to the platform during 2018!

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