Product Update: Introducing Our MYOB Integration

Posted on 16th March 2018 in Advisory

Written by Freya Hughes

Joining the likes of Receipt Bank and Unleashed, we are now integrating with MYOB AccountRight. We’ve been putting a lot of energy into getting the FUTRLI platform up to scratch over in Australia, reconfiguring the platform on to the super-fast servers of Amazon Web Services (AWS), and now partnering with one of the giants of accounting software. This is what it all means…

We’re integrating with MYOB AccountRight

Since we launched, we’ve known the Australian market is savvy, and an exciting one to be part of. With a wealth of MYOB customers in ANZ, we wanted to upgrade the service you were getting from us.

Previously you were restricted to a manual workflow, now we’re working to allow you to sync your FUTRLI account to MYOB AccountRight with just a click of a button. Pulling data from MYOB into FUTRLI, you’ll know the data in front of you is up to date and spot on.

Joining the dots

In the past, our integration service was designed to allow users to save files in places like Dropbox and Google drive. After completing integrations with other accounting packages such as Xero and QuickBooks Online a while back, we thought it would be great to build out a more heavyweight integration.

Essentially our new integration service will fetch data, in this case from MYOB AccountRight, and convert it into our own format, saving you a lot of time and energy. The talented developers here at FUTRLI are creating this as a prototype for our new integrations service, which will make it easier for us to integrate with other accounting packages in the future.

Mind your organisations & businesses

Our new integration will mean that MYOB AccountRight customers will be able to use FUTRLI in the same way they would if they were signed up with Xero or QuickBooks Online. All functionalities will be available to their fullest extent, helping you visualise key metrics, monitor and analyse trends, and of course project forwards. With actual and forecast data all in one place, business owners can begin to remove risk and anxiety from decision making. You will be able to compare MYOB AccountRight organisations with Xero/QBO via consolidated orgs and benchmarking too.


As the data from MYOB AccountRight will be automatically synced so frequently, you’ll cut down the time it takes to create budgets, forecasts and scenarios. This all means that if you are on MYOB, your user experience in FUTRLI will be a lot better. Giving clients a 360° view of their business will be much easier, and preparing for client meetings will be a whole lot quicker. We plan to use the same system to bring on more integrations in the future, too…

Want to know more? Read about how our switch to new, local servers, powered by Amazon (AWS) is speeding up your day.

That’s all for now but watch out for more exciting updates to the platform during 2018!

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