Product Update: Why We’re Switching to local AWS servers

Posted on 16th March 2018 in Advisory

Written by Freya Hughes

Used by Airbnb, Spotify and Netflix, Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows users across the globe to access sites at full speed. Like these companies, here at FUTRLI we understand the need for instant access to your accounts. If you’re heading to a meeting with a client or your board of directors, you need to be able to show what’s going on under the hood of your business as soon as you log in. This is what we’ve been up to behind the scenes…

What is AWS, and what’s all the fuss about?

For those of you that are tech-inclined, you may be interested to know we’re moving the FUTRLI platform to run on dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in each of our regions. This secure cloud services platform offers more power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow. Our transition over to it is exciting and will make a big difference to your experience with the app if you’re based further afield than the UK.

The service, to put it simply, will speed up your access to FUTRLI. With GDPR on our immediate horizon, you can rest assured we’re doing everything we can to keep your information and data secure.

“We’re starting 2018 with the most stable, secure and fast application than we’ve ever had. In 2017 we invested heavily in our infrastructure, moving all services to AWS as well as re-architecting much of our platform in preparation for the integrations that we will be releasing this year and in order to scale effortlessly.

We’re now deploying to Europe and Australia individually, with scope to extend further to North America etc with ease – so our ANZ customers will see a little bit of a difference!”

– Hannah Dawson, FUTRLI Founder & CEO

AWS gives us the ability to host FUTRLI in more regions. We’re prioritising making our platform accessible to everyone because using real-time data is the only way to work. Using AWS means the closer the app is to you the faster it will be, so using their servers means a better experience for everybody. Further to that, being in more regions means we can comply better with data protection laws, therefore you’ll never have to worry about your data.

Accelerating Australia

Running FUTRLI on our previous server and live comparing it to the newer AWS server, we saw a marked decrease in loading time.

Simply logging in to FUTRLI, the time taken from Australia, for example, is halved. We’ve tested the AWS servers again and again, with everyone in the office loading the heaviest duty forecasts simultaneously. Suffice to say, we had a laugh doing it, but it also left everyone impressed at the capability of the service. It took our tests in its stride, which makes us proud to be rolling out FUTRLI on AWS for you.


As our Chief Product Officer Mathew Power says,

“Think of FUTRLI as living within a walled garden. Having everything under one roof means data is more secure – it never has to leave the system.”

We’re joining the ranks of UCAS, University of California Berkeley, ITV, Lyft and more because we too understand that keeping your information secure is vital. The cloud is the safest way to do this, and AWS employs some of the brightest minds in cryptography in the world to maintain this level of security.


On AWS, you’ll be able to access FUTRLI no matter what. This is because, on the new servers, the FUTRLI platform is split into three data centres in each region (also known as security groups).

This means if two of the data centres go down, you will still be able to access FUTRLI to its full capacity. There’s nothing worse than an application going down when you need it most, so we’re ensuring you never get caught short in a client meeting.


AWS is going to make the forecasting and reporting lives of our customers in Australia and New Zealand a lot better. The speed increase is unparalleled, and we can’t wait for your feedback about it. Knowing your data is all completely secure allows you to get back to the important things, like taking that next step in your business career.

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That’s all for now but watch out for more exciting updates to the platform during 2018!

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