The Importance of Structure When Implementing Advisory Services

Posted on 17th August 2017 in Advisory

Written by Freya Hughes

A solid internal structure makes your firm attractive to prospective clients, and you’ll know tasks are being completed efficiently, therefore you can start generating more cash. The advisory space is broad so it’s essential for your team to all be on the same page. Clients expect continuity, so let’s see how you can prepare for advisory and nail it across the board.

Your team members are looking to you as their leader to direct them through this unchartered territory, so you need to be ready. Implementing a solid structure as to how you will roll out this new way of working is a must.

Getting your team started

Plans of action

It all needs to start with a plan. Moving to advisory is a big jump, and you need to be ready and committed. FUTRLI Advisory Certification is the easiest, simplest way to get your team on board with your new services. Our certification course is designed to guide you through the ins and outs of advisory in conjunction with the FUTRLI platform.

We know it can be a daunting prospect to get this going, but certification will give you a process to follow. Your entire team need to be using the same terminology and have consistency in how they diagnose business problems, another huge benefit of following an industry-approved and standardised certification process. 

FUTRLI Advisory Certification is a form of continuing professional development (CPD), which has huge benefits to employees and employers alike. Staff will close up the gaps in their knowledge, and learn to put their new skills into practice, usually resulting in them being far more engaged and satisfied at work. For employers, you’ll notice staff retention improves alongside brand perception too. You’ll be able to sell higher value services across the board too, so revenue will increase. And when you’ve completed the course, you’ll be ready to get started – and you’ll have a certificate for your wall!

We cover all the possible roadblocks that could prevent true profitability from advisory services, all the way from your pricing through to marketing. Exploring the strategy and the practical implementation will show you how your team can increase average client fees across the firm, right the way through to advanced forecasting.

Your work needs to flow

A workflow is a series of tasks designed to produce a desired outcome. Implementing one aids collaboration, which often produces the best results, especially when working over the cloud. Multiple pairs of eyes on a task will allow you to analyse and deliberate how to produce the best results or conclusion. You’ll find your team will begin to work in unity.

A key challenge we’ve noticed is finding the time to set up workflows and training processes. But the good news is that certification has done this for you: we’ve seen what works so the course is a celebration of best practice. Once you’ve completed the course, everything will fall into place for you and your team.

Why is this so important?

Because you need to approach your advisory meetings as a untied front. Your team must be offering the same services, confidently, which shows your firm as consistent and reliable. That in turn will lead to a good reputation, therefore more clients.

A well-structured structure

The Louvre Museum uses the strongest shape: the pyramid. The sides connect, as should your team, making the building robust. Remember this when implementing advisory to your team, as it’ll keep you on the right track.

Having your team working together towards the same goals will push your firm forwards in the advisory space. We spoke to Blu Sky, accountants based in the north of England, recently and you can see the full case study here. They told us that their transition into advisory services has meant everyone in the firm, from juniors to partners, are now selling forecasts, which has drastically improved the firm’s bottom line. They say:

“The whole team are now so eager to sell forecasting to clients because they understand the value of it for businesses across the board, not just larger companies.”

Get your staff through FUTRLI Advisory Certification and see improvements across your firm.

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