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Posted on 18th April 2016 in The Forecast

Written by Hannah Dawson

The pace of change keeps accelerating at FUTRLI and this release gets us closer to delivering on our long-term mission. We’re here to future proof businesses with our incredibly simple, powerful, all-in-one forecasting and reporting engine. This is a bumper update and, personally, for me, it’s a tummy flipping happy one. So many of these features have been in my mind from the start and/or requested by our users. We hope you love what we’ve delivered and how focused we are on making this better for you. We’re listening. As always, keep that feedback coming. - 15minute read

Update: April 2016 Release

  • New reporting chart library for even more beautiful decision making
  • There’s a brand new report type: The Proportion Card (these pies & doughnuts are 100% fat-free)
  • Snapshot Cards
  • PDF printing enhancements (the beginning of their transformation)
  • Payment profiles for 3-way forecasts
  • There’s good news for alerts! Formula alerts for both current data and future data are live
  • Updates for your Template Demo Boards when showing new clients
  • Update your ‘Actuals’ start date in Scenarios
  • Introducing our brand new KPI library!
  • More control in your admin panel for Owners

Here’s more explanation…

New reporting chart library

Seeing your data beautifully to make effortless decisions about the past, present and future is what we’re all about. We are always looking to the future of our product and developing it constantly. These latest improvements make our charting library more clear and beautiful. Here they are in action in an example Board showing the future…

You’ll notice in your editing options that there are new and improved Chart types available for you to chose from…

The Proportion Card (these pies & doughnuts are 100% fat-free)

Introducing our 6th Card to the Reporting family! Our new Proportion Card displays the data within a range as a proportion of the range total. This data can be displayed using either a pie or a doughnut chart. As shown below, you can control whether you look at averages, totals etc dynamically and play around with the data in your Reports.

Pie Chart FUTRLI
Snapshot Cards

These Cards show the business’ live position for any specified current period. You can compare against the previous period to date, the same period last year, to date and how you’re performing against any forecast scenario. We’ve supercharged the KPIs you can report on. Another easy and operational way for you to see how you’re performing against targets. You could have one side by side to show how you’re performing against your best and worst case scenarios for example. There are now 26 KPIs you can monitor…

PDF printing enhancements (the beginning of their transformation)

This isn’t too exciting at this stage but a small pre-cursor to the work we’re doing behind the scenes to give you completely flexible and beautiful PDF printing options. In this release, Charts have been been made crisper, font size increased and we’ve made the colour darker to make them stand out on a page more beautifully. Trust me, what’s coming is pretty special so stay tuned!

Payment Profiles in Scenarios

We know this release is going to make a lot of our existing users very happy. You can now use our payment profiles when you build your cash flow forecast. They work with all methods, simply chose a single payment option, 30/60/90 days or create your own. You can also have negative payment terms for any monies that have been paid/received before the invoice date:

Custom payment profiles FUTRLI cash flow

Predictive Alerts

FUTRLI could already monitor your business while you sleep but, previously, we could only do this for your P&L and balance sheet. This quickly became one of our most used features so we’ve supercharged this area to give you better control, clarity and power.

This is your NEW ALERTS DASHBOARD for effortless business monitoring

Business Monitoring Dashboard

It will help streamline your workflow as we’ll inform you about what needs your attention, any warning areas and what’s working perfectly. If you run multiple businesses or you’re using this with your clients, this will provide huge time-savings. Forget having to log into individual accounting software packages to check things manually, we’ll conveniently send you an email and alert you in app. Read this to find out how to make our email Alerts even more powerful with your smartphone.

So, why are these Alerts so useful for you?

YOU CAN PREDICT THE FUTURE! Yes, so brilliant, we thought it worthy of capital letters. For businesses, this really is huge. So many alert apps focus on the past. FUTRLI is uniquely positioned to keep you on track today and have confidence in tomorrow.

There are 4 core types you can create:

  • Current: Today
  • Forecast: The future
  • Account (Financial)
  • Formula (Financial & Non-Financial for both current and future data)

You can create alerts for both transactional and cumulative data sets.

Here’s an example of our new Formula alerts

Formula Alerts

This gives you the full flexibility of FUTRLI you know and expect for Alerts. In this example, we want to be alerted about our Forecast Drinks GP in our Hotel. If the assumptions we’ve made in our forecast or the decisions and actual behaviour in our business means we will not reach this target, the alert will be triggered. You can specify if alerts are good news or bad news and set warnings too.

We hope you’ll agree this is FUTRLI at it’s best, giving you complete flexibility and saving you time too. To monitor one or multiple businesses is now effortless and risk-free.

For our Accountants & Bookkeepers: Updates for your Template Demo Boards when showing new clients

FUTRLI is a fantastic business development tool for our accounting and bookkeeping partners. It helps them demonstrate the standard of advice they can offer clients, above and beyond historical compliance work. We give you a selection of templates by Industry so if you’re talking to a potential new recruitment client or someone in healthcare, you have a Board you can show them. This helps you easily communicate the power of FUTRLI for their business and why working together on really understanding the numbers and looking ahead is so important. These templates can then be copied and used to save you time starting from scratch. To enable you to show off these Boards, we need data so demo organisations are added to your accounts. These demo organisations have now been moved to the bottom of your Organisation list in the admin area for more clarity.

Set when you want your actuals to appear in Scenarios

You can either let the actuals always show up until the last period, or you can decide where you want them to appear from:

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.04.56


And you have some fantastic new resources…

When you hit the help section, you still have the ability to ask us a question of course! But we have a vast array of video resources now available on FUTRLITV. Plus there’s our brand new KPI library, which is an invaluable resource for everyone! It’s packed with hundreds of KPIs explaining what they measure and why they are important. We even show you how you can create them in FUTRLI for you clients.

There’s more including a fully revamped help section in, “Read the manual” to answer more of your questions on demand.

Don’f forget the walkthroughs which are basically your own online tour guide to hand hold you through the basics of understanding what FUTRLI is and does.

KPI library 2


More control in your admin panel for Owners

Finally, you can now set up a separate email address for billing and see the next invoice amount in your profile if you own the account.

That’s it for now folks!

Until next time,

Hannah and our brilliant, beautiful development team