We’re Launching our Global Cloud Advisors Panel

Posted on 5th July 2016 in Advisory

Written by Amy Harris

FUTRLI is two years old in August and what a ride its been. In that time, we’ve worked with thousands of accountants all over the world in their journey to become real-time advisors. This blog is all about our new Cloud Advisors Panel, in short, what we’ve learnt and how we’re investing more than just great software into helping you succeed…

In the accounting industry, cloud computing for compliance purposes is still a very new concept for some. Then there is us – cloud software for advisors. While the likes of Xero and Quickbooks will help you with your cloud accounting we want to help you to be an advisor using the cloud too.

Cloud advisors are transforming what business owners can expect from their accountant

When financial data from the accounts package automatically feeds FUTRLI, you can truly become a real-time advisor. This means huge value for your client and you. 

Cloud - accounting and advisory (1)

Think about that for a second, if the accounting data is online then why take it offline? It’s bonkers and backwards. When a cloud approach is embraced, business owners benefit. The accounting software is no longer simply a tool to record financial transactions; it is transformed into an operational management tool. This is how we really turn the lights on for a business and make being that advisor, effortless.

What we’ve learned

FUTRLI isn’t just about great software. We work with our partners to train, support and educate them throughout their journey. In this time, we’ve supported partners in various stages of that adoption curve so we’ve had lots of questions…

  • How do we price FUTRLI?
  • How do we introduce it to clients?
  • How many KPIs should we focus on and are certain KPIs better in different industries?
  • How do I get my other partners to support this?
  • How do we move away from conversations about debits and credits?

We believe we have great software but we definitely don’t have all the answers. 

We’ve witnessed the impact our software and these advisors are having on businesses all over the world. This is one example, there are many more, but we want to help you to achieve similar success without having to put your thinking caps on.

Xref Testimonial

So we went straight to the source to find out how…

Introducing the experts!

They’ve been there and done it. They’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and (we’re delighted!) they want to share it all with you. 

Cloud Advisory Panel - FUTRLI

How will this panel help you?

Each month, we’ll tackle the subjects we know you want answers to. Each session will be short and sweet and focused on giving you an actionable takeaway.


We want your feedback

As always, we’re keen to hear your ideas, suggestions and feedback.

If you’d like to be part of this or you’d like to recommend others to take part please get in touch with me personally.

All the best,